November 24, 2012

Gardens by The Bay - Into the New Botanical Gardens of Singapore

During the Pocari Sweat run earlier in the year, when we heard that we were going to be running at the newly opened Gardens by the Bay, we were pretty excited! Little do we know that we were actually running PAST Gardens by the Bay, rather than into the Garden itself.

So one fine day, we met at our usual spot at Millennium Walk. The rest of the guys are going for the usual route, either around the Marina Waterfront or to the Marina Barrage and back. I decided to do a detour and take a small little exploitative trip into Gardens by the Bay.

The View from the Southern Part of the Gardens

It's all Green! Don't see much flowers...

November 10, 2012

100-plus PAssion run at ECP - Bright Orange Shirts Give People a BadHeadache!

The Jigsaw finishing pic! One of the most memorable race gift I ever gotten!
The 100plus Passion run probably marks the first official 9km run I am embarking on. I had done a few 6-8km runs and an accidental 10km run and that's it. I know that I can probably complete the run, but a bout of flu made me decide to forgo my runs for the past 2 weeks. I did a remedial run of 4km a few days before but I wondered if that is really enough for me to complete the historical 9km run.

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