April 21, 2012

Sentosa Beach Run Recce Trip - ABORTED!!

After last week run, our little running group enthusiastically voted for the next area run: Marina Bay Waterfront. Come Wednesday, almost everyone dropped out except for me and big bone guy. Since its just two guys running, we decided to first recce a potential running site: Sentosa beach! The ultimate running route where hunks and babes hang out!

When we left our respectively homes, that are dark clouds gathering and by the time we reached Sentosa, it was raining cats and dogs. After 30 min discussing about the latest sex scandals in Singapore, the rain slowed to a drizzle, but the drizzle is not small enough for us to venture out and run. Thus, We became so bored while waiting for the rain to let up that we decide to make up some interesting stories:

Rainy Sentosa at Beach Station

PES E, "Pouring at Vivo."

Hamster Man, " U guys  ok?"

PES E, " There's a flash flood at Sentosa and we are standing on the table at Mac drinking tea!"

Hamster Man, "... I know this sounds terrible but... Pictures please!! Is everyone safe though??

PES E, "Can't. I scared iPhone will drop into water."

Hamster Man, "Faint that bad... Ur car????

PES E,"Dunno. Hope can still start."

Bell Girl, "Standing on table?!?!

Hamster Man, "The main carpark is underground right??"

Big Boned Guy, "Flood everywhere sia!" (He was trying to back up my statements.)

Fang Tai, "Stay safe ppl!"

Lazy Girl, "Huh flood? U guys out of there already?"

Hamster Man, "How's the car?"

I can't believe so many of them fell for this! Okie here is a picture of us at Mac drinking tea....
Our Flooded Mcdonalds
After all these distractions, the sky was still drizzling and although we feel that we will be able to run in this degree of weather, we are doubting of our iPhones can survive. Besides, we don't think catching a cold after the run was such a good idea. So the running recce became a beach tram ride recce.
Riding the Beach Tram and getting wet still...

If you alight at the beach station, there will be 2 options to run. One towards the west towards Siloso beach, a 900m or eastwards towards Tanjong beach, a 1.5km run. The running path is Very narrow allowing only one person and running along the road will force runners to avoid the trams every 5 mins.So the entire beach running route will be around 4.8km, a pretty decent distance for unfit people like us. The best thing is, if you are really tired, you can just hop on the tram and take a ride back to the start point and wait for your still red-faced, sweaty friends who are pounding on the pavement.
The Western Leg - 0.9km

The Eastern Leg - 1.5km
After the tram ride and without any sight of the rain letting up soon, we took a slow jog to the nearby iFly  Singapore (Very uncreative now that we got iPhone, iPad, iMac) building, where they house a huge wind tunnel and allows participants to simulate the thrill of sky diving without needing to jump off the actual plane! I was interested to take a look ever since it opened last year in 2011, but couldn't get my rump down to Sentosa until today.

Fly fly away!
The participants were mainly kids (as usual. Adults too scared to try?) and it seems very fun, until I took a look at the price tag.

Jaw dropping prices!
For your information, 1 dive is around 1 min in the wind tunnel, so 2 dives will let you enjoy 2 mins of free-fall fun! Errr, I rather spend money on my diving trip or on a real sky diving trip than this!

After spending 30 min at the iFly watching people embarrassing themselves by banging into the walls or the floor, we exited the building and prayed that the rain had let up. Nope, no such luck... Desolated and inconsolable, we left rainy Sentosa... and suddenly, a RAY of light penetrated the gloomy skies and the sky stopped pouring... Oh well, its lunch time anyway and we were very very hungry. We will be back with the troops next time!!!
Location: Sentosa, Beach, Singapore


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