August 23, 2015

Hong Kong - Tin Hau: A Haven for Cafe Lovers

Artisan Cafes in abundant along Electric Road
Run on 16 Aug 2015

Every year, I travels to Hong Kong to catch up with some of my good friends, enjoy the good food, do some outlet shopping and most importantly find new places to explore and run in Hong Kong. During the past few trips, I have always stayed around food haven of Hong Kong, Mong Kok (旺角). This time round, due to my busy schedule developing the new Wongamania edition, Bad Bear did most of the leg work in planning the trip. He chose an extremely nice boutique hotel Victoria Somerset Hotel at Tin Hau (天后) which is nearby to Causeway Bay. Tin Hau is a residential estate with a good mix of commercial and residential buildings. One interesting tidbit which we heard from our Hong Kong friends is that the area is well known to be haunted, especially the residential areas. Personally, I think that this is a pretty nice area, much like Tiong Bahru in Singapore with quite a number of chillax cafes, pubs, eateries and desert shop all around the area. This place comes alive during weekend evenings when the residents hang around their favorite watering hole and chit chat till late night.

August 13, 2015

Reebok Spartan Race - Not for you if you are Unfit (Freebies Alert!)

I was recently approached by the organizers of Reebok Spartan Race to give a shout out for their event.

Now I know why it is called the Spartan Race. You literally have to run through fire, crawl through mud, throw a spear and charge half naked into the welcoming arms of King Xerxes

August 9, 2015

Photo Diary - SG50 National Day Run

It has been raining hard for the past 3 days and the skies cleared on the morning of 9th August 2015. The day is the 50th Jubilee birthday of the miracle city state Singapore and SG Unfit Runners decided to pay a visit to Marina Bay, where all the action will be later during the evening. We celebrated the nation birthday using different ways. I decided to take photos around the Bay area while Big Boned Guy tried to trace the number "50" on his Nike run app. Fang Tai ran down Orchard Road (I don't see how that's symbolic but it is probably a girl thing) while Lazy Girl overslept and turned up for Breakfast-After-The-Run.

It's 730am in the morning and there is already a crowd at the normally deserted Merlion Park

August 2, 2015

Photo Diary - National Day Preparation @ Marina Bay

We are getting really lazy these days in looking for new areas to run and we have settled down to a comfortable routine of going back to Marina Bay area every week. So I am going to start a new section on SG Unfit Runners called Photo Diary, whereby we will present to you some of the interesting sights and scenes while running around the same old places.

This week, we will share with our readers some of the SG50 National Day Parade' set-up around the bay area. Enjoy!

A Countdown of 1 to 50 around the Bay Area.

Why number 20? Because No 18 got a bunch of people resting underneath. So
took photo with 20 instead

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