December 22, 2012

Clark Quay - A Morning Look at Singapore's Most Happening Watering Hole(4km)

Blue Blue sky at Clark Quay
  The last time I did my Clark Quay Run, I was down with fever and flu, thus come Saturday morning again, I suggested Clark Quay, in order to address the regrets that I had the last time round.

Comes Saturday. No Flu, No Rain.


December 8, 2012

Macritchie East Side Run - Tight, Narrow, Slippery with Steps

The narrow paths of Macritchie Reservoir
This week, we were back to challenge Macritchie Reservoir after the ill fated run a few months ago. This time round, we were more cautious, just in case Lazy Girl wondered off in the woods and ended up on a golf course again. The last time, we tried the clockwise direction towards the West side of the reservoir, so we would be trying the anti-clockwise direction towards the Eastern region of the reservoir.  

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