December 8, 2012

Macritchie East Side Run - Tight, Narrow, Slippery with Steps

The narrow paths of Macritchie Reservoir
This week, we were back to challenge Macritchie Reservoir after the ill fated run a few months ago. This time round, we were more cautious, just in case Lazy Girl wondered off in the woods and ended up on a golf course again. The last time, we tried the clockwise direction towards the West side of the reservoir, so we would be trying the anti-clockwise direction towards the Eastern region of the reservoir.  

After the run, my first reaction would be to recommend runners to stick to the Western clockwise route.

Firstly, there was the usual crowd of students engaging in their various training, which resulted in us shouting "Excuse Me" every 5 seconds.

Secondly, On hitting the forested area, we were greeted by a long steep flight of steps.

Thirdly, the wooden planks were slippery with lots of dangerous branches and pebbles, due to the rain the night before.

Lastly, the plank walk was narrow and more often than not, you will encounter strollers whom you need to either shove them into the forest/reservoir (potentially criminal offense!), or say excuse me, stop, and allow them to slowly stroll past.

A Black Swan enjoying breakfast?
Here comes a pair of elderly strollers!
Steps! Careful don't trip!
Educational text along the way
Beautiful morning view
So, back to my verdict: Unless you are a dedicated cross country runner whereby slippery tracks, uneven ground and narrow paths are your cup of tea, stay along the build up area of the southern rim of reservoir and just do loops around it.

On the positive side, the morning sun glistering off the reservoir, surrounded by foliage, is a beautiful sight seldom encountered in urban Singapore!

Breakfast at the nearby cafe


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