December 22, 2012

Clark Quay - A Morning Look at Singapore's Most Happening Watering Hole(4km)

Blue Blue sky at Clark Quay
  The last time I did my Clark Quay Run, I was down with fever and flu, thus come Saturday morning again, I suggested Clark Quay, in order to address the regrets that I had the last time round.

Comes Saturday. No Flu, No Rain.


Clark Quay in the early morning was a totally different sight from its usual hustle and bustle pubbing scene in the evening. Other than a few early morning joggers like us, the signs of the usual litter of beer cans and bottles left over night by the revelers on a Friday evening were no where to be seen, thanks to the industrial cleaning up crew, who turns Clark Quay back to its pristine stage before the break of dawn.

The early morning running scene at Clark Quay was pretty good with few pedestrians and quite a number of fellow joggers doing the same route as us. Without the usual evening crowds, the now empty pavement became a joy to run along. The preserved shophouses which double up as pubs and clubs are a sight to behold in the day. Typically, when I make a trip to Clark Quak on a weekend evening, I have my eyes on the pretty ladies and it is too dark to examine the paint job or architecture anyway. Clark Quay has a totally different flavor in the early mornings with the quaint looking colonial era shop houses accompanied by the chirping of birds and the calm flow of the Singapore River.
Expensive Hotels and Apartments along the River

A Rainbow Bridge! Where's the Unicorn?
Great World City in the Morning
Beautiful sunrise!
Lots of constructions near Kim Seng road.
Narrow Paths and uneven grounds. Watch out!
The very empty Clark Quay pubs & clubs
Although the Singapore River leads all the way to Tangling Halt, the pathway along the Singapore River comes to an abrupt stop at Kim Seng Road near to Great World City. The path continues after Kellock road, but finding the path is quite a challenge requiring lots of traffic light crossings, which is one of the greatest joy killer, for runners. After venturing along Kim Seng Road for a while, I decided to turn back, sick off all the zooming cars and their exhaust. Besides, the weather is turning very hot at this moment in time.

Overall the run over at Clark Quay is pretty decent, but I will recommend you to turn at Kim Seng road. If you are looking to clock more mileage, you can head south from Clark Quay towards the Marina Bay area where many more kilometers awaits!


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