August 2, 2015

Photo Diary - National Day Preparation @ Marina Bay

We are getting really lazy these days in looking for new areas to run and we have settled down to a comfortable routine of going back to Marina Bay area every week. So I am going to start a new section on SG Unfit Runners called Photo Diary, whereby we will present to you some of the interesting sights and scenes while running around the same old places.

This week, we will share with our readers some of the SG50 National Day Parade' set-up around the bay area. Enjoy!

A Countdown of 1 to 50 around the Bay Area.

Why number 20? Because No 18 got a bunch of people resting underneath. So
took photo with 20 instead

A new coat of paint for the Science and Technology Musuem
No 50 locked behind a fence. Prevention from vandalism perhaps?

Rolls of mobile toilets at Padang waiting to satisfy urgent needs

Yakun Breakfast at Raffles City. The best local toast!


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