April 6, 2012

West Coast Park - Green Lungs in Industrial Zone

After the not so successful, everyone-complained-its-too-far Punggol run, we decided to move the next running location to the heart of the lazy people.

Splendid Good Friday Morning at West Coast Park

Big Bone Guy (BBG)," Next week, West Coast Park on Fri Morning!"

PES E Guy," All the Westerners cannot say no, since we good heart go to your territory."

Fang Tai ,"Cool, We would join!"

BBG ,"Steady! Lazy Girl can make it? You are the star of the run!" 

Lazy Girl," I ok for west coast :)."

PES E," Run at your own pace. No need run alcoholic deadly pace!"

 Alcoholic," Ok. I where got deadly? Me friendly one loh!"

PES E," Chicken out treat dinner!! Or Beer/coke!"

Alcoholic," Beer sounds good :P"

BBG," Alcoholic sibei hardcore, drink beer after run n morning somemore!"

Lazy Girl," I dunno how to go... Can wait at MRT? I have no clue though I stayed Clementi all my life..."

 On actual day....

Alcoholic," Opps just woke up. Overslept leow haha.. U guys enjoy..."

BBG," Lazy girl say you WEAK!!"

The only one to chicken out... Waiting for the free beer/coke/dinner....

As an Easterner, I seldom come to West Coast Park and my impression of the park is similar to her sister park, East Coast Park, with long sandy beaches and friendly jogging tracks all along the coast line. I was quite disappointed. There are no sandy beaches, just acres of shipping containers and port facilities.

We gathered at the only prominent landscape at the park - Mcdonalds! As all of us run different distances and pace, we took off in our separate ways to explore the park.

The running trails are generally narrow and doesn't allow much traffic through. However, the good news is that there seems to have few kids on deadly wheels once you leave the Mcdonalds area.   

The center of attraction for kids at West Coast Park
Narrow running track
 Unlike the calm tranquil coastline of Punggol, the waterways are full of shipping activities. I doubt anyone will want to engage in water sports in this area as you will risk your life being run over by a ship or two.

The Coastline view of West Coast Park
Port facilities borders majority of the park
The park is divided into two segment divided by Clementi road. However, a runner friendly underpass allows joggers to have an undisturbed run under the road.

Jogger friendly underpass!
I must give NParks credit for the effort to spruce of this small stretch of boring green belt land into a more scenic park. a small "bubbly" pond is situated at the eastern end of the park. Again the balance of aesthetic value, energy usage and maintenance cost once again come into play, so instead of soaring fountains, we have bubbles, similar to those that we see along the Punggol Waterway.

A bubbly pond. Maybe to provide oxygen for the fish?
Singapore is a small country and most of the space are reserved for humans, not dogs. Dogs are not welcome in majority of the build up areas in Singapore, so our poor doggy friends are stuck in a tighter space than the owners themselves. Therefore dog friendly restaurants and exercise have been sprouting up around Singapore to let our doggie friends rumble around without the risk of them running over by cars or deadly kids on wheels. Right on the eastern end of the park, there is a dog run. Of course there are still rules and regulations governing the behavior of dogs in the doggie zone, this is Singapore after all! Sadly, I don't see much utilization of the area that morning. Maybe the lazy owners/dogs will be out in force later in the evening.

Dog Run - without risk of being hit by a moving object
Bordered by West Coast Highway and the Port facilities, west coast park is small strip of green relief in the middle of an industrial zone. There is not much facilities to speak of and the only eatery around is the Mcdonalds.
You can tell where I have jogged to from this map!

Despite being a small park with little eateries around the area, this is a very popular spot for the dwellers of the west. The queue for Mcdonalds breakfast was a grand 45min long (Fastfood???) and the queue starts from OUTSIDE of the building. Take note that this is one of the largest outlets in terms of siting capacity for Mcdonald Singapore. Despite being a small park, I am suitably entertained by the varied landscape as I took quite a number of pictures, which is disproportionate to the size of the park.

Autumn here in Singapore??

Overall, this place is pleasant to run and is suitable for short range runners. Runners who are looking for longer range or want a more challenging terrain can take a short jog along West Coast highway and they should reach the hilly Labrador park.

Accessibility : 

Drop off at Jurong MRT. Get to the bus stop at the Jurong Regional Library and take bus 176 towards the east.Drop off at Clementi MRT and take bus 175. The bus will turn left to the main road, West Coast Highway.

Parking: 2 Large free carparks. One more smaller free carpark towards the eastern end of the park.

Type of tracks: Asphalt

Elevation: Very flat

Location: West Coast Park, Singapore


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