June 16, 2013

Pocari Sweat 10KM Run. 2013

Marina Bay... Before the Haze!
It's a glorious Sunday morning. Why do I say that, it's because this event might have been cancelled, if the haze from Indonesia breached the air space of Singapore just a few days earlier. The air quality started to deteriorate sharply from Monday onwards and for the first time in the history of Singapore. Our PSI level (indicate how polluted the air is) hit the 400 hazardous level. Almost all outdoor events were cancelled for the week, and we were very very lucky that the Pocari Sweat Run is held on this very weekend.

Big Boned Guy, Fang Tai and Me signed up for the 10KM run, while Alcoholic and Lazy Girl went for the 5KM run. We all know that Alcoholic is more than fit enough to endure the 10KM run, but hey, someone has to help to pace Lazy Girl. Fang Tai unfortunately has to drop out due to an unfortunate bout of flu the day before. It's a pity that she trained hard for it! (Yes! 10Km may seem to be nothing to you guys, but it is a great deal for a working mother with 2 toddlers!)

My ankle seems to be doing okie, despite spraining it 3 days before while exploring the cityscape of Bangkok. I suppressed my competitive urge to overtake people and took a slow steady run through the entire route, so as not to aggravate my ankle condition.

This year Pocari sweat run takes place around the Marina Bay area again. The route is familiar to us too. One round the Marina Bay Reservoir, down to the Barrage, East towards Garden at the Bay East and back.

Runners gather as the sun peaks over the horizon
I need to prove my participation!
My Tag Number
At the starting point
I made a bad mistake during the first 2 km of my run.

I picked up a cup of Pocari Sweat at the first water point, gulp it down, and continued my way.

And I keep hiccuping and burping for the next 6km of the run.

I usually do not have the practice of taking in any fluids during my runs, and little did I know that downing a cup of Pocari Sweat in the middle of a run will cause so much side effects. Burping is definitely a PAIN, while you are trying to regulate your breath and pace. After the run, I checked with the guys and it seems like they have the same problems too. I wonder how all these runners can stop at every water station and enjoy their beverages without getting air stuck in their guts....

Glorious sunrise!
Free flow of Pocari Sweat!
During the Pocari Sweat run last year, we were cursing at the organizers for making us run up the ram, at Marina barrage. This year, they made us go up the bloody ram TWICE!!!! I was cursing under my breath when I ran up the first round. I was opening showing third finger at the sky when I was funneled up the ram again, on the way back from Bay East.

Later, when I checked the 5KM route, I realized that they turned back short of the Marina Barrage. Looks like they had a much easier 5KM route this year round.

The killer round and round barrage ramp
As I neared the end of the run, I was astonished to see a fellow runner, who was running while dragging a tire on the floor, strapped to his back! This reminds me of the Shaolin Temple Monks, who are training to reach the pinnacle of their martial arts. The Tyre Man had a sign behind him:

" Run! with Kindness in your Heart
 Run! with Dreams Beyond
Run Strong! Inspired!"

I thought that was pretty cool! Running 10KM is already the limit for me. I can't imagine dragging a tyre behind me!

The tyre man
The finishing point is in sight!
Yeah! Time for Pocari Sweat and Bananas!
1 hr 30 mins later, all of us have completed our runs and were happily chewing on our bananas and gulping down Pocari Sweat. We decided to take a short walk to Lao Pau Sat for our breakfast. While walking at the cooling underground linkway between MBFC and Raffles Place MRT, we encountered a stretch which the escalator was under maintenance. Grumbling that we have to walk down the steps after a tiring run, we ambled down the stairs. 

A hundred meters after that stairways, we suddenly realized that Lazy Girl was missing....

We doubled back and found her.... on the fifth step of the 60 steps stairway. She was quite wasted, by the 5KM run.

Hopefully, this embarrassing movement will encourage her to be more diligent in her quest for better health! 

Our sinful breakfast


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