June 29, 2013

Post Haze Run. Stadium to Bay East

The Marketing Poster for G-Dragon
7am. Just Outside Kallang Indoor Stadium.. We saw a long queue just outside the stairways to Kallang In-door Stadium. I thought people were queuing for some Hello Kitty Toy or N95 Mask again. Turns out, that there is a G-Dragon concert later in the evening. But seriously? Queuing at 7am in the morning in sunny tropical Singapore just for a concert!!??

The early morning queue for G-Dragon
Back to running. I have covered this Stadium to Bay East Route a couple of times already so I will not elaborate much. In short, nice view, smooth track, no irritating traffic light and many many dog walkers.
Enjoying the Hazy Downtown View

Still a bit Foggy even when PSI is in the 40-50s level
Along the way, I am quite surprised to see clowns and stilt walkers strolling along the pavement at Bay East. Seems like NTUC having a walk-a-ton. The booths with the free isotonic drinks were so tempting to us! I wondered if they could spare a few cups for fellow Singaporeans....

Tried asking. Was given a black face....
Seems like there is an NTUC Walk-a-ton event
They got enough budget to hire clowns??
Perhaps they are supporting local entertainers?

They even have stilt walkers!

Our passage was blocked by another stern looking usher for the NTUC event at the Marina Barrage, preventing any casual joggers from crossing the barrage bridge. Come on! It's just a walkaton!!! A few joggers will not disrupt your event! They probably were fearful that the casual joggers would knock over elderly folks, toddlers or their very important VIP guest of honor from the Men in White Party. This is totally bullshit!

I glared at the usher and the usher gave me a superior "You shall not cross" look.

Rather than exercising my rights as a citizen, I decided to turn back. I am a bit tired to attempt a 10km run for the day anyway! 


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