January 4, 2014

Farewell ECP! - A visit to the dysfunctional expressway (4km)

Good Morning! ECP!
The biggest news in Singapore this week. The closure of a segment of the most scenic section of the East Coast Parkway Expressway and the 2 hours jam at the newly opened Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) which is an expensive, undersea and boring expressway which will replace the ECP. The former ECP cuts through some of the most scenic and expensive real estate in Singapore and after pleads from one of the richest man in the world, Sidney Adelson, owner of Sand Casino and the Marina Bay Sands, that he needs more space to expand the integrated resort, the government decided to reroute the expressway. (Baseless allegations. Pure speculations on my part. Adelson did appeal for more space though!)

With all this at the back of my mind, I planned an expedition to capture the last sights of this expressway before it is dismantled for more swanky property developments. 

Starting off at Tanjong Pagar MRT Station, I slowly made my way to Shenton way before turning into the now rerouted Maxwell road, into a now unused link into the old ECP segment.

The 10 lane expressway looks strangely deserted after 30 years of operation of non stop traffic since 1981. A sudden thought cross my mind,"This looks like a wonderful road to do my run!" However, knowing how anal the Singapore police is when it comes to disorderly citizens, I won't be surprised that the riot police will come racing towards me on reports of a lone runner in the middle of ECP. I took my shares of pictures and continued my journey.

The Central Police and Fire Station
The deserted ECP
Doing the tourist thing! Selfie!
I passed by a new residential development along the new road to central boulevard by the name of Marina One. Here are the highlights of the development from its website:

  • Prestige Location: Marina One Residences is right in the CBD district
  • Rare Development: Marine One Residences is a rare freehold development right in the Financial District.
  • Potential for Appreciation: With the Future Waterfront City, it will likely to boost up the price for Marina One Residences

Just the right kind of development to attract billionaires to put their money into Singapore! Given that more space will be available after the ECP has been remodeled, expect a dozen more of these developments to pop up.

The upcoming upscale Marina One Residential Development
My knee is hurting by now. Time to switch to walking mode. Oh well, might as well spend the time blogging on my phone while walking back to tanjong pagar food center.

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    1. Thank you for capturing this. Still cannot.believe this was dismantled.


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