May 17, 2014

Marina at Keppel Bay - Wet Wet Wet!

Today, the run was pretty disgusting...

We started off from Harbourfront, doing our usual Labrador Park route, when it started to pour 10 mins into the run. I was stuck at the marina, with almost no shelter anyway near, short of trespassing the gates of some very expensive private properties. I can only stand at a very very small ledge, while the rain just pours and pours.

The ultra thin shelter I had
Nothing to do while waiting for the rain to stop. Pictures time!
After 10 mins of waiting, I gave up waiting and made a mad dash back to Seah Imm Market. I was getting wet anyway and the tiny ledge was not much protection against the wind and the rain.  I was praying that my iPhone will not get soaked after I tucked it into the deepest recess of my pocket, surrounded by cotton. I managed to get to the market within 5 mins, with my iPhone still alive. Thank God!

However, Big Bone Guy and Lazy Girl are no where to be seen.

Lazy Girl strolled in 15 mins later. She claimed that she was stuck at a bus stop and had to take a bus to the nearby Labrador MRT and take the MRT back. Smart of her to bring along her transport card!

Meanwhile, BBG stumbled in 10 mins later, totally drenched. It seems like he is hardcore enough to run in the pouring tropical rain.

His ear piece did not survive the trip. RIP.

We started to spread our wet bandana, socks and various stuff all around the tables and chairs at Seah Imm Food Center to dry, and pretend that nobody noticed us.

Seriously, it is better to lose some public image than to go home in wet socks!


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