May 3, 2014

Singapore Botanical Gardens & Farrer Road - Nice Route with Minimal Traffic Junctions (5KM)

One of my favorite running shots I have ever taken.
I shall name this "Dabaoing Breakfast on Sat Morning"
Apparently, we are running out of centralized locations which the Westerners are willing to travel to on an early Saturday morning.

"Well, there is the largely unexplored East side your know. Pasir Ris, Changi Beach, Bedok Reservoir Park?"

The West side Unfit Runners ,"I am not going to wake up at 5am to travel to the east! Waking up at 530am in the morning is already bad enough!"

Okie. Point taken....

So we are back to Botanical Gardens this week.

Even though this is probably my 4th or 5th run at Singapore's most famous garden, I still discover new things every time I drop by. This is pretty much true for jogging in general. Even you return to the same area to jog, you can still discover new stuff as long as you alter your running route by some degree. This is what I attempted to do this time round.

Instead of running within the garden, I decided to take a loop along Holland Road and Farrer Road and back to our breakfast spot: Adam Road Market.

Instead of marveling over dogs, dog poos and elderly folks practicing Tachi, I looked out for man made beauty within the Botanical Gardens.

Looks like Ladies really dig Gentlemen who can play the piano!

National Orchid Garden. The Pride of Botanical

Man made waterfall. Angled my shot to make it
look grand and majestic!
The rustic garden landscape disappeared as I ran past the South Gate of Botanical Garden. I was greeted by the early morning traffic along some of the busiest road in Singapore, Holland Road and Farrer Road. Unless you are an admirer of expensive private housing and how their fence/wall/security post looks like, there is nothing much to see along these two road. However, I must confess that this route is pretty decent. There is only minor roads and no major road junctions which you have to stop and wait for the Green Man to materialize. It is a pretty good route to consider if you are not a person who needs interesting scenery to keep you motivated.

Besides, one of the best food center in Singapore awaits you at the end of the run! 

The junction between Holland Road and Botanical Garden

Nicely paved pavement for running
The Reward at the end of the run: Adam Road
Food Center

Knee hurts again after 4KM.
Long walk back!


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