June 21, 2014

The Merlion Run - Beer and World Cup are Bad for Running! (3.6KM)

Fang Tai," Hey Guys, let's try Sentosa for our run this week. I have a family day later at Sentosa, so that will be perfect."

Big Bone Guy (BBG), "Sure. Let us start from Vivo city, run to Sentosa via the boardwalk. We haven't tried exploring the North side of Sentosa yet!"

PES E," There is no World Cup match tonight?"

BBG, "There's the Italy game but I am not too interested. Anyway I am on my third pint of beer now. Tomorrow confirm die."

The next morning, 630am....

Lazy Girl, "Good morning! 7am Vivo? Still on? I need to leave house soon."

BBG, "Think so, though I don't feel like running after 2.5 liters of beer last night."

Lazy Girl," Erm.. How abt others? If the rest not keen we OTOT (own time own target - singapore army slang for doing a targeted job at any time you wish to)."

Note her eagerness for OTOT. Probably she wants to go back to sleep.....

PES E," lol. Too much World Cup and beer. Let's try an easier run than. Let's go marina bay."

BBG," Let's go. I run slower today."

Lazy Girl," I will be a little late. Fang Tai, take note of the change in location!"

Later at Millennia Walk....

Lazy Girl," I reached. PES E, where are you? I need to put my stuff in your car."

PES E," The usual place lar(millennia walk carpark) I waited 15 minutes already. Faster, it's getting hot."

BBG, "Yeah. It's hot. I start first."

Lazy Girl, "Hey, I am at Helix bridge. Where you guys?"

PES E," What are you doing at Helix bridge?!? You want to put your stuff in my car and you are at the bridge? What you expect me to do?"

Lazy Girl," I thought that's where the starting point is!"

PES E," Wei Wei, there is no carpark anywhere near the bridge!"

BBG, " Lazy Girl, you troll Sia!"

Lazy Girl," Sorry! Breakfast on me!"

Fang Tai, "Guys... Overslept. Zzz. Hahaha!"

By the time I started running, the scotching summer sun is already heating up the entire marina Bay Area. The run is tiring but luckily, the sky is a beautiful baby blue that makes it a perfect time to take pictures.

I decided to do be a photoblogrunner for the day and amassed quite a nice collection of photos using my iPhone 5.  I call this "The Merlion Run" to commemorate the all the beautiful pictures I took at the Merlion statue. At least it sounds better than "Marina Bay Run No. 9"...

The Singapore Armed Forces setting up the stage for National Day Parade Rehearsals

Sculpture outside Esplanade. I don't like the fact that the mum had her boobs carved out.... Whether it's for Art or not!

A new pedestrian bridge linking the Merlion with Esplanade. More room for tourists to take pictures!

The lovely Merlion gazing at the morning sun
The sky is so blue! And HOT and HUMID!!
Okie, One last shot before I continue my run. Snap snap snap!!
I heard Elephants are pretty well endowed. Now I see why...
I have never taken a picture with the Merlion before!
Doing the tourist thing!


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