October 9, 2014

Madrid Spain - Sorry, We rather Eat than Run in Madrid!

Puerta del Sol - The Heart of Madrid @ 1am
Rather than go for an evening run at Madrid, we decided to go for a leisurely evening walk instead.


Madrid is simply crazy when it comes to weekends. The streets are literally full of people and everybody are partying till 5am in the morning. On top of that, our hotel is right in the commercial heart of Madrid at Puerta del Sol . So rather than trying to jog through the thick evening pedestrian traffic, we swapped our running shoes for walking shoes instead.

The "BumAround" Route
So if you are looking for a running route in Madrid, be prepared to be disappointed because we walked all over the neighborhood with no predetermined route, and checking out interesting shops and "stuff"at some of narrow alleys.

If I were to compare which European countries will a Singaporean fit in the best, I will say Madrid and Barcelona.

Singaporeans love their food. Our food outlets open 24/7

Spaniards love their food. Their food outlets open 24/7

See the similarities?

We often have trouble looking for food during non meals hours in other European cities but not Spain. We literally ate our way through the whole of Spain and we literally didn't get bored thanks to the variety of ways that they can cook up a good dish. Given that Spain is one of the key trade routes between Europe and Asia throughout history, Spanish food combines the best of East and West together and the variety of Tapas you can taste will simply boggle your mine. We didn't even need to resort to French, Italian or other non native cuisine throughout our 2 weeks stay in Spain. We went Spanish food 24/7 for 14 days. It's a feat that we fine it hard pressed to perform in any other European nations.

If you joined a Chinese package tour and traveled the whole of Spain eating Chinese food... Man... You have missed out a whole new world of new tastes and sensation.

Looks like we will have to work off the calories that we have accumulated in Spain. Next stop, Lisbon Portugal! 

Try running through this crowd!

These guys are good! They can deploy and pack up their "stores" within 30 sec on the alert of any Police sightings
Speaking of Police, we strolled by a nearby Police Neighbourhood Post.

There is a small Chinatown with the whole neighborhood stocked with all things Chinese

Madrid has a thriving arts and cultural scene. Lion King in Spanish?

The Spaniards really love their food. Crazy queues everywhere!
"Chilling Out" is really a national pastime in Spain
The iconic Madrid landmark. Bear climbing tree.

Location: Puerta del Sol, 28013 Madrid, Madrid, Spain


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