November 16, 2014

5 New Suggested Award Categories for Singapore Blog Awards 2015

It has been 3 months since Singapore Blog Awards 2014 and I have not posted anything on the event yet. I think almost every other Blogger who attended the event had already wrote their piece, and so I better get my ass to work...

Firstly, I will like to thank the judges to think so highly of SG Unfit Runners despite our unpopularity (39 likes on facebook). With our backgrounds in engineering, accounting and banking, going for a media award was a total novelty to us. The first thing we fret about was "What to Wear?"

Firstly, we were told that the theme for the year is horses and I have no horsey look alike clothes in my wardrobe! After consultation with my fellow unfit runner Fang Tai, who came along for the Awards Ceremony, we settled on a safe cowboy/girl theme. 
I don't even look Cowboy enough!
Yah! Photo booth!

As a total newbie to the blogging scene, we did not know anybody nor knew what to do. So we just stood around, grabbed some food and parked at a nearby table.

Oooh. Ninja girls! Love their Japanese insider jokes! Wow! Nice jockey costume! Should I go over and say "Hi"? *Shy*

Woo! The uncle from Johor Kaki! 

Wah. Pretty girl in pink! Must be a fashion blogger!

Wah! Unicorn in pink! Whose that? The toilet material blogger Ah Beng aka Mr Smith? I was thinking that he would win the best costume award hands down.  (Which he did!)

That was one cute kid in a costume! (FangTai, you should have brought along your pretty daughters!)

Overwhelmed in a strange environment, we decided to hunker down at our table. We said "Hi" to no one and no one came over to say "Hi"

The award ceremony started and we just went with the flow. As soon as it started, it ended and people started to filter out from the auditorium. Rats! I better go say Hi! 

I did managed to say "Hi" to the handsome dudes from Seriously Man and Grace Tan. 

The rest of the bloggers gathered in small groups and it didn't seem right to disturb them. We grabbed our goodie bag (love the selfie stick!) and retired for the day. 
Selfie Stick. Sooo useful!
A few weeks after the event, we were discussing on the various categories for the awards. Why weren't there a fitness category? Singaporeans are fitness freaks. Just look at the number of organized runs every week and the number of people who turned up. There should be a lot of commercial opportunity given the huge number of sponsors for sporting events. Why is there an individual and lifestyle category? Isn't that like the same thing, since the nominees blog almost about the same things? 

With that in mind, we came up with another 5 categories which the organizers can consider.

1) Fitness Blogs

Singaporeans are huge soccer fans. Singaporeans are avid runners. Singaporeans love Hello Kitty and will brave the crowd, rain and early Sunday mornings just to run and celebrate Kitty's birthday at the same time. So why is there no fitness category?!?  A media spotlight on the health and fitness blogsphere will help Singaporeans find out more avenues of keeping fit. Singaporean love their food too much and we need more outlets to advise Singaporeans where and how to work away all those calories after enjoying all those cuisines based on the recommendations of those splendid food blogs.

 2) Finance Blogs

Singaporeans are known to love money. We complain about the lack of it everyday. There are even movies made about why Singaporeans don't have enough money. Why don't OMY start a money category and get those financial blogs out to the public and educate them how to save and invest? Finance bloggers are a great hard working bunch, but they get almost no recognition for the work that they do, to bring wealth and financial literacy to the masses. If there is one group of bloggers that ought to be recognized, it should be the financial bloggers. After,  money is essential if you are to enjoy all the recommendations by the food, travel, beauty, clothes, photography and family blogs.

3) Gaming & Technology Blogs

Singaporeans are huge on gaming. Just look at all the Singaporeans hunched over their mobile devices destroying candies or feeding their cow/sheep/pig while walking/eating/dating/watching movie. Singaporeans are crazy over gadgets and we are one of the few countries that have the latest gadgets and games launched on our very shores. We also have a thriving toys, animation and Cosplay community in Singapore with more young people spending more time and money on these activities every year. The potential of Game and Technology Blogs are huge!

4) Pet Blogs

Many people often say that pets in Singapore are treated better than humans. My instagram/facebook friends often post pictures of their cute dogs and cats all the time. In fact, I think they post more pictures of their pets than their kids most of the time.  There are so many YouTube videos on cute kittens/puppies/hamsters with millions of view, so there is no reason why a pet blog won't do well in Singapore. The pet market is also booming in Singapore with so much potential sponsorship possibilities in the making. I see the number of pet blogs in Singapore are rising and it's time that they deserve some media attention.

4) Social Studies Blogs

How about blogs that discuss and comment about social issues in Singapore? We all took Social Studies when we were young and we had a great time discussing about social issues in Singapore than. Why not bring attention to it? There are many things to discuss about, like transport, housing, medical care and consumer rights in Singapore. Oh wait. They are called also political blogs? Okie, scratch that idea!


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