December 27, 2014

Bordeaux, France - The Wine Capital of the World

11 October 2014

Between Paris and Bordeaux for the city to visit in France, I will pick Bordeaux anytime.

Paris is expensive, noisy and overcrowded, with half of it's population seemingly made up of tourists. I never got to appreciate what's the hype of Paris being one of the most romantic place in the world.

If you want to serenade a girl with good wine and food, romantic riverside walks with many kissable/huggable moments and country side drives with beautiful towns to explore, Bordeaux is definitely the place to be.

A Kiss The Girl moment at the reflecting pool at the Place de la Bourse
 It is also a great place to run with so many options.

I took the easiest option for me to run along the River Garrone which offers kilometers of undisturbed run with a spectacular view of the city.

I set off from one of the busiest road in Bordeaux along the Cours Victor Hugo and at 730am in the morning, traffic is very light with few other pedestrians along the way. One of the biggest issue I have encountered while running in cities, especially those is Asia, is poorly maintained pedestrians pavement with ankle breaking potholes. Here at Bordeaux, the pavement is so smooth and well-paved, that even well maintained Singapore foot paths have to take a second seat.

Once I hit the River Garrone, it is just kilometers of smooth, undisturbed running & sightseeing. If not more the threat of my injured knee, I would have probably ran for 10km without even feeling the fatigue, thanks to the extremely cooling 15 degrees temperature. The SG Unfit Runners were very lucky to witness the 6 days stopover of the 18th century replica of French frigate Hermione on its way to United States, where the tickets to visit the ship were all sold out way before the ship even reached Bordeaux.

If you enjoy a good run, French food, fantastic red wine (Alcoholic came with us during the trip..), great weather and a beautiful city, Bordeaux is definitely the city to visit during October. Our 5 days stay at Bordeaux seemed entirely too short after only visiting Cognac and Saint Emilion with the entire western and southern parts of Bordeaux not explored. Heck, we did not even manage to explore many parts of Bordeaux during our stay there. We were too busy feasting on 3 hours French fine dinning and Bordeaux Red Wine.

Our next stop, Barcelona Spain!

Along Cours Victor Hugo, one of the main streets
of Bordeaux
The stunning riverside view of the city
Enjoy Bordeaux's 18th century architectural. Porte Cailhau in the middle building
a life-size replica of the Hermione, the French navy frigate that shipped General Lafayette to America to rally rebels fighting British troops in the US war of independence

The wide smooth pavement along the river

View of the city center from the north side

Skate park! Cool!

Bordeaux ultra modern and cool looking tram. Runs along the river. Great if you are taking a one way run.

The theme park at Esplanade des Quinconces , the
largest square in Europe

Too bad the leaves are not autumn red yet.
See that fountain? The water is red like the famous red wine which Bordeaux is well known as

Here's a close look at the red waters
A provision shop at Bordeaux

Location: Bordeaux, France


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