December 13, 2014

Why Companies Should NOT Spam Collaboration Invites to Bloggers

 As most of my readers will know by now, I run 2 blogs:

SG Unfit Runners - A running blog where I share with my readers some of the cool short distance runs around Singapore and the World.

Xeolyenomics - An economics & gaming blog where I share with my readers some of the experiences I went through, as a money manager and as a game designer.

I have a fulfilling professional practice and business and have absolutely no need for sponsorships for my blogs. Neither do my unfit runners friends. They are successful professionals in their own industries.

However, as the readership for our blog grows, we started to receive media invites. This invite from Lazada tickled me so much that I decided to share with my readers, on why companies should not spam collaboration invites without doing sufficient research.

Wow, an invite from Lazada. Let's see what they can offer!

Wow, they rejected me because I have no readership (ranked 0/10), which is fine. However, why did they contact me in the first place?  The way this lady worded the reply is like lecturing a young kid and I should not have wrote in asking for sponsorship in the first place since I have nobody reading my blogs and will generate zero ROI for them...

Hello? Lazada is the one writing to us asking to collaborate with us, not the other way round.

And you don't need to use big technical words like "ROI" or "expression/eyeballs". I chew economic reports for a living and I can throw more technical terms back at you that will curl your toes.

The next paragraph is also a bit offensive.

"You can provide a relevant (what irrelevant things am I going to write?? fart jokes??) write-up to Lazada to be shared and posted on our facebook page (~61k followers!). Think of how much traffic and eyeballs you are going to get in return!"

Right, Thank you for your offer to help us boost our blog and giving us a commission on top of that. Yeahhhhhhhh!

In any case, I wasn't too concern about their reply as I was having too much fun in Europe eating tapas, enjoying Portuguese egg tarts and sipping French Cognac and Bordeaux red wine at that point of time.

Than, I received another email from Lazada asking for collaboration... again...

 Lady, my blogs have zero readership and you should have deleted me from your mailing list by now. Why are you still sending me email asking for collaboration?!

Are you fooling with my feelings??

As many of my readers will know, I am a guy with a pretty big ego and I may turn suicidal if I get rejected by the same girl again. I still cannot bring enough ROI and eyeballs into the relationship one month after you rejected me. Why are you asking me to go into a relationship with you again!

I hesitate to reply to her email.

To my readers and any aunt agonies out there, what should I do?

Heartbreak blogger

P.S. Sorry beautiful, I have to blank out your name. Wouldn't want our letters to fall into the wrong hands.

P.S.S I have decided to turn to the internet for relationship advice and I came across this very good article that you should read.  Let's hope it helps!


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