February 1, 2015

Singapore Chinatown Litter Race

Chinese New Year is around the corner again and Big Bone Guy suggested visiting Chinatown to take a look at this year's decorations. The fact is, we are more keen on the breakfast choices around Chinatown than the decorations, but it is as good as any excuse just to visit Chinatown for our morning run.

While warming up at the open area in front of China Town Point, I notice a McDonald paper cup sitting on the marble ledge of the subway entrance. The issue of littering has been brought up recently by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and some other top ministers. Here is my favorite quote by ESM Goh,"Without foreign workers, Singapore is likely to become a 'garbage city'"

Instead of the usual running scenery, I decided to do a "Singapore Litter Race" by taking photos of some of the more atrocious littering examples which I encountered on a early Sunday morning. My ITB injury has gotten worse since the Bizad Charity Run and I can only cover a short 3km today. Let's see some of the results:

Cigarette boxes, Mcdonald takeaways.

Starbucks takeaways. Hello! Do you see the dustbin 5 steps away?

At least pile the beer cans nicely so that people will think
that it is pavement art

These people will be fined for drinking booze after 1030pm
and in time to come. Cleaner hard at work in the background

I spotted 2 dustbins in the background.

Attempting an artistic shot of the beer bottle

Please clean up your birthday party afterward all the fun
and joy...

Without foreign workers (& Uncles), Singapore is likely to become a 'garbage city

The humble green Singapore Dustbin.

Is it that hard to bring your litter to a nearby dustbin? In Singapore downtown area, there is a dustbin every 20 paces away and yet people could not be bother to walk that few meters to a bit of arm power to hurl the trash into a dustbin.

Welcome to the ugly side of Singapore!

Meanwhile, for those who are still interested in the Chinese New Year decoration at Chinatown, here is the only picture which I took.

Welcome to Litter City!


  1. Hi! I just recently came across your blog. I've enjoyed browsing through your posts and enjoy your sense of humour especially in this post :P What a great way to make your run interesting. I was wondering if you have or could make an option on your site where I could subscribe to you so that I can be alerted for any new posts you write in my email? Thank you!

    1. Hi Lerie, I never thought it is interesting enough for people to read about a bunch of fat, crippled and stressout Singaporeans doing puny distance runs. Afterall, people rather be looking at beautiful people running through explosions and gunfire with all their hair in place. However, I will haunt down the subscription widget just for you. Meanwhile, you can like our facebook page for any updates :)

    2. LOL! I've just liked your guys' FB page that will do! Happy running :)


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