April 27, 2015

Bounce! AMPed Trampoline Park at Tanjong Katong

Kids heaven!
21 Dec 2014

I heard about the existence of trampoline parks from many of my friends with young kids on both sides of the causeway.

"It is simply the best place to bring kids to over a weekend!" gushed one of my lady friend over at Kuala Lumpur, "They just hop around for 1 hour and they will be absolutely too tired to do anything for the rest of the day!" 

As an ex gymnast, my interest was piqued as I somewhat missed my days hopping on the trampoline, performing somersaults and twists. I tried to ask some of my Unfit Runners to drop by one of the trampoline park in Singapore on a weekday. Everyone gave me a queer look.

"Don't be crazy, we are too old to go to a trampoline park. We will break a bone or sprains our necks!"

Even with much tempting of delicious food around the area, none of them budged. Even Fang Tai with 2 active girls gave vague commitment... I think she freaked out on hearing the price of entry over the weekend: $15 per pax.

Come on people! Where were your sense of adventure.

Fortunately, I have other friends who have a stronger sense of adventure.
Remember to bring your socks!

We managed to book the earliest slot at the AMPed Trampoline Park at Tanjong Katong on a Sunday morning given that the rest of the later slots were taken up so quickly that a week advance booking was needed. When we reached there, the whole park was teeming with kids with the adults contented to out on the benches, engrossed with their mobile devices, while the kids screeched, hopped and rolled all over the place under the watchful eyes of the park wardens.

So four 30s years old adults, ventured into the trampoline park, with our arms in front of us and eyes on the ground, ready to block any kids who somehow lost control of their trajectory and trying not to trample over the below 6 years old toddlers who seemed to be having great fun running and bouncing along. We also received interested stares from the parents who were around our age, wondering why people like us were engaging in such a kiddy activity.

My first somersault stunned them into silence...

Some of them even started to take pictures (Silent "V" sign in my head)

Honestly speaking, I shouldn't have done that somersault, because I somewhat managed to pull a couple of my muscles that required a week to heal. Those old bones definitely need more stretching and warming up before trying to attempt anymore tricks. It had been 10 years since I last performed a somersault but I was assured that the the blue print of tumbling in the air still resides in my motor skills despite all these years of neglect.

The park was lined with cushions and trampolines on the sides to cushion against any collision with the walls or sharp surfaces and there were a number of sectors which a participant could try out different things. There was the foam pit which allows participants to try out more advance stunts and it was a huge favorite of the kids who jumped into the pit and started having a sponge fight, much to the dismay of other participants who were queuing up to have their turn with the sponge pit. There were also designated jumping spots whereby guys could try to impress the ladies by doing a Matrix style jump onto a 2 meters high ledge.

Park converted from a old school hall
Foam pit! Kids love it!
Trying to impress girls.. Very very young girls...
The trampoline was not satisfactory for my own usage as I was more accustomed to the huge professional trampoline I had while as a gymnast. However, having that trampoline in an area full of kids would probably be a recipe for disaster as the powerful trampoline could propel a person up to 3 stories high. The trampolines at the park had a pretty low bounce factor but there would probably be sufficient for the general public whereby safety is of the utmost importance rather than performance.

Overall, I had a pretty good work out at the park and most adults would be probably be out of breath and chilling out at the resting area by the end of 30 minutes. There are free chilled bottles of water at the park and they also sell surface gripping socks in case that you forget to bring your own socks. For those people who are looking to perform more advance stunts, there are courses which will instruct you how to dazzle people with aerial gymnastics.

Various courses to enroll for higher learning!
On my way out, I ran into my sister and my cute nephew and niece who arrived for the following 1 hour session. Imagine my surprise! Sis asked me to babysit the kids but I was too exhausted with my muscles screaming for rest. I promised her that I will help her babysit another day, which I did so a few weeks later.

And no, I did not manage to teach my niece and my nephew on how to somersault. Maybe when they were older. Haha.
Lye Family Wefie

My Cute Niece and Nephew


  1. This is a exciting trampoline park, I was here when I was a child.
    Now I still like trampolining and I have a blog about trampoline here

  2. I actually tested out so that you can check with a number this Unsuitable Sporting men so that you can head to among the list of trampoline store around Singapore for a weekday. Absolutely everyone gifted people your queer glance.


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