July 19, 2015

Singapore Stanchart Marathon - 3rd Time a Charm?

by PES E

I must admit that I am jinxed, when it comes to Stanchart Marathon. I had to sit out the last two Stanchart Marathons for the past 2 years...

When we first started out as Unfit Runners 3 years ago, we aimed to participate in the most prestigious marathon in Singapore which is the Stanchart Marathon. At that point of time, the thought of covering the minimal distance of 10km was inconceivable for all of us. We could barely cover 3km, not to mention a mission impossible 10km run (10km is an achievement for all the Unfit people!).  Slowly, over the years, we aimed to take part in 5km runs, and it has been only recently that during the Pocari Sweat run in July, all the regular members of SG Unfit Runners managed to complete a 10km run. I have achieved the 10km benchmark 2 years ago, but a knee injury took me down to a feeble 1km and the slow recovery continues to plague me till today. During 2013 and 2014, I signed up for the Stanchart Marathon run but did not attempt them as my knee injury took an awfully long time to heal. At this moment of time, I can probably cover 6-7km before my knee starts to act up and this year, I am optimistically hopeful that I did not sign up in vain... again...

This year, I was lucky to be invited by the organizers of Stanchart Marathon to witness the launch of Stanchart Marathon at Plaza Singapura a week ago. As part of the SG 50 celebration, Singapore residents will pay $25 less as compared to non-resident. To encourage more elderly folks to participate in the run, ActiveSG will also credit $15 from the registration fee back to participants' accounts as ActivesG dollars. In addition, runners who have completed Stanchart Marathon 2014 will receive additional 10% discount on registration fee and Stanchart Bank cardholders will receive 15% off the normal registration fee. Lastly, the first 200 registrants at the launch event will be given a 50% off their registration fee and be given a commemorative Golden Bib. I was one of the lucky recipient of the Golden Bib and was able to save 50% off my possibly ill-fated (fingers crossed) 10km run!

The Golden Bib

Interview with some of the legendary runners in Singapore

Zorro, Wonder Woman and Cat Woman! We see them everywhere at run events!

Stanchart Marathon 2015 is officially launched!

 Tickets is on sale from 9th July onwards.

Let me pray to the running God (if there is any!) that my knee will heal in time for the event on 6th December and put a final tick to this item on my bucket list which has been delayed for 3 years.   


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