June 3, 2016

3 Great Ideas to Better Utilize you Free Running Bags from Runs

Too many free... shoebags....
Three years into our Unfit running hobby and participating in quite a number of organized runs, we realize that we have been accumulating quite a lot of running tees, medals and shoe bags. Our running singlets have come to replace our national service attires as we finish our reservist cycle for casual wear at home and meanwhile for the medals.... I am still thinking of a way to dispose them other than dumping them in my vanity case.

As for the shoe bags provided by the more generous running organizations such as NUS Bizad Run and Pocari Sweat Run (Expensive Stanchart Singapore Marathon. Your freebie sucks!), I have found a marvelous use for them, especially for the Unfit Runners who have to travel around quite a bit. They became great packing compartmental cases which allow travelers to stuff much more clothes and items inside. Although they do not save as much space as the the vacuum bags which some of you probably use while traveling abroad, it is still a pretty good option other than use them as a typical shoe bag.
Improves luggage space usage
 These days, I don't use shoebags to pack my running shoes while traveling as there is a lot of wastage in space between shoes and I am unwilling to put any toiletries or clean clothes in between the gaps of the shoes and I am not too keen to brush my teeth using a mixture of local soil and tooth paste. Instead, I just dump the shoes into a plastic bag and tie straps of rubble bands around it to minimize its space usage. Beside, one of the beauty of using Vibram running shoes is that they do not take up much space.

Here are some of the examples I use for my personal trips.

Clothes Rolled and Packed Tightly
Bored while traveling? Games!!

For Gym and Workout

If you have any other ideas which you can use a freebie running shoe bag for, do not hesitate and comment below!


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