April 21, 2017

Mizuno Ekiden 2017: A Cooperative Run with a Festive Mood

Mizuno Ekiden Run is back and this popular event is now in their 3rd year and the event will be held on 19th Aug 2017. For those who are unfamiliar with what Ekiden is, here is a short write-up on what an Ekiden is:

"In Japanese terms, Ekiden refers to a relay-styled long distance running and that is exactly how the Mizuno Ekiden 2017 will work. Runners are set to compete against the clock whilst unlocking milestones as they transmit from one station to the next within a specific time."

The cool thing about the race is that you can actually monitor the progress of your friends through the use of a race app, while slurping down a bowl of ramen at the waiting area.

We also brought along a bunch of board and card game and entertained ourselves, while complaining how slow the current runner is. Great fun.

The race village also have a host of events that you can participate and free food and drinks which you can collect from. There are sports clinics and demos which you can participate in which can improve your knowledge in the area of health and fitness. The medal is also very cool as you can fit the design together to form a "super medal"

The biggest complaint we have about the event is the position of the tables relative to the sun. As the event starts at 4pm, a portion of the event grounds will be baked in the sun, and the waiting runners often have to move the furniture towards the more shady part of the event ground which forces the tables to be squeezed together to a small shady section. Also, if you are looking to reserve a table for your team, you will need to arrive earlier else you will not be able to get a table for all your eating, gaming activities.  

So if you prefer a race that has a community feel, where you can spend time with you friends and getting a work out at the time, Mizuno Ekiden is a race you can consider. The Mizuno Ekiden registration is now open with the early bird offer closing on 30th April. You can also get a 30% off Mizuno products if you sign up as a participating runner. The final registration will close on 27th July.


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