May 14, 2017

An Accidental Biathlon

We are doing our usual Sunday run around Marina Bay and Big Boned Guy decided to head south towards Gardens by the Bay, while i decided to head north towards Clark Quay with 2 dratini in sight (Yes, there are still people playing Pokemon Go!). As soon as I reach the end of Clark Quay, I received a message from BBG, "Fluffy spotted at Gardens at the Bay!"

"I am at the other end of the bloody river!" I wailed.

Given the ridiculous distance I need to cover within the 20mins de-spawn time, I decided to give it a miss and made my way back to Padang. That's when I spotted a couple of bicycles parked by the side of the Esplanade bridge. The idea of cycling to Gardens by the Bay sparked me as a good idea and I wipe out my handphone to activiate my oBike app.

Wow, Mother's day special and free ride today!

Off I go!

Did I manage to get the fluffy at the end of the day? Nope.

Just as I entered into the super tree grove, I was stopped by a kind security guard that cycling is prohibited in the Grove area. My fluffy has 3 mins to go and I will have to detour around and park by the side and run in on foot... There goes my sheep...

 With my enthusiasm and adrenaline deflated, it is now an uphill task to push the extremely heavy oBike with no interchangeable gear system up the Helix bridge, back to city hall. I discovered a new set of muscles which was little utilized due to my years of running and they are sore as I am typing out this article.

This episode sets me thinking about starting a new Biathlon routine in the future...


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