We are a bunch of unfit Singaporeans in their 30s. We are too fat, too thin, unfit for military service, injured with knees, ankles problems, busy with kids and probably drink and eat too much with too little exercise. After a near death experience, a friend encouraged me to take up running and the first 1km run nearly killed me. I decided to work out more often after that and started a running routine. A little running group was later formed after I shared with some of my friends on my efforts to keep fit.  We do short runs from 2km to 5km and marathons are definitely out as most of us probably won't survive the first 10 km.The idea of a blog began when we started traveling around Singapore to do our runs because we have group members living in the east, north, northwest and west. The idea of rotating around different areas of Singapore came about as we argued for our case to run in an area closer to our homes, and also to spice up our runs when we got bored of our usual running areas. Thus, SG Unfit Runners is born.

The Characters

PES E  - Editor. 8 years of Graves' Disease. Full of old and new injuries. Deemed unfit for active military service but still goes back for his annual In Camp Training (ICT). Declared by friends as a narcissist for taking selfies during runs.  Works in the financial industry

Big Bone Guy aka BBG - Overweight beer guzzler. Running 1km used to put him to bed for a week. Now an avid runner who can easily clear 10km. Most of the beer pictures in the blog are contributed by him. Works in the engineering industry.

Lazy Girl - Sleeps in at home for most weekends. Waking up early in the morning to run was mission impossible. Fashionable and wears matching running attires. Now can clear 5km which used to be unthinkable. Goes to work at the fashionable Orchard Road.

Alcoholic - At least one pint of Tiger beer a day. Does rock climbing and is actually pretty fit. However, he believes that exercising should be a pleasure and not a torture. Waking up at 6am is torture, which explains his infrequent patronage of the Saturday mornings runs.

Fang Tai  (方太) - Working mum of two. Recently decided to take a break and become a stay at home Tai Tai (Rich Housewife in Asian context), to the dismay of her hubby. Always setting goals to lose weight but Saturday morning routine frequently disrupted by family problems (sick children, unwashed dishes etc). Tries hard to make time to join us for runs. Aspires to be a Mumtreprenuer.

Bad Bear - Overweight and need Starbucks everyday. Believes in evening runs and gym workouts, because he believes that's when and where pretty girls do their workouts. Doesn't join us for Sat morning runs but is game for evening runs. High flying financial controller.

Daisy Duck - Genius fintech data analyst and the love of life for PES E. Works in banking and finance and spent many years overworking and not working out. Recently joined SG Unfit Runners to start a running routine and to improve on her health.

Crippled - Turns up for our morning runs but normally drinks coffee at a nearby coffee shop while waiting for us to run back. Avid water sports person but refuses to run because of a recurring knee problem. Now busy with a beautiful daughter and the hubby of Marathon Girl.

Marathon Girl - The other half of Crippled. Very fit lady who used to run marathon and totally opposite of his hubby who can't run. Busy with a newborn daughter at the moment.

Bell Girl - Mother of two. Used to bring hubby and daughter for morning walks with us. Now busy with a newborn daughter. Works in the financial industry. Aspire to have a job that deal with children.

Hamster Man - Father of two. Bystander and commentator on our whatsapp channel. Also a victim of Hyperthyroid. Cracks cold jokes many a times which is cold enough to be featured on a running blog...

Guest Writer

Slacker - Avid 30+ sportsman. An amateur Mix Martial Artist, mountain biker, rocker climber and any other sports that potentially results in broken bones. He likes to think that he is a "小强" (cockroach) and refuses to cut back on his hazardous lifestyle. Works in the IT industry.


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