May 2, 2012

Bedok Reservoir Forefoot Run Practise - Guess the no of CuddlingCouples?

Now that my calves were 80% recovered, I decided to go for another practice run using forefoot run. This time, I do my normal Bedok Reservoir running route minimizing the heroism of exploring new routes and taking photos at the same time. Did forefoot run for 3 km before feeling the strain on the calves again. Back to heel running for the rest of the distance. My pace did jumped below 7min/km in the first 2 km and I barely felt any breathlessness after the 4.4km run. This is an interesting running technique. More practices to come. 

My poor poor calf...
Counted: 5 couples eating each others' face. 1 man talking to his dog by the moonlight waters.


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