May 5, 2012

Marina Bay Waterfront - Into the Heart of Singapore

After taking a break last week at Batam, the gang is back in force this week to challenge the Marina Bay area. The freak weather of May is really getting to us as it rains and shines unpredictably almost every other day. It is no different that morning as a heavy downpour made us doubt if we can carry out the run on Saturday morning.

Start Point at Youth Olympic Park
Looks like the Gods are with us this week as the rain let up just before the guys gathered at Promenade MRT station for the run. The weather was cooling and windy and there was little sun to be seen, much to the delight of the ladies who wanted to keep out of those wrinkles inducing UV rays. We took off running from the Youth Olympic Park across the helix bridge, and we were pleasantly surprised by the numbers of runners there are in this area. There were good looking hunks and babes doing their workout too, so the scenery is a delight for both the guys and ladies.
Setting the stage for the Dragon Boat Race

Boats ready for practice
Generously sponsored by DBS?
The bay was bustling with activities on that day too, as that there was a dragon boat competition over the weekend. Along with fit and tanned athletes, there were hordes of tourists snapping away at the Fullerton bridge area posing with the Merlion and the MBS as backdrop. 

The "irritate the tourist" zone!
Welcome to Singapore!
It gets a bit irritating as you had to decide whether to run pass between the cameraman and the people posing. I couldn't care less about them capturing the running man along with their friends in the pictures, so I just ran between them ignoring looks of disgust and astonishment. Some of my friends were much more polite and waited for them to finish taking their photos before running past them.... Good job showing the Singapore courtesy!
The largely deserted durian plantation

I tried out my forefoot running again after resting for 3 days from my last forefoot run practice. This time round, I was afflicted with an ankle pain on the left side! Most of my aches and pain were previously coming from the right side and this time round, the problem seemed to have balance itself out as my right leg is now stronger. Hopefully, by the time for the next run, I won't have anymore aches and pains. Another few days of rest for me!
Gentle slope? Not so gentle when you are tired!

The whole circuit is around 3.5km so it is an idea place for people training for their 10km run. The problem with the circuit is the 4 flights of stairs you have to climb and decent. 2 of them are at the helix bridge and 2 of them are at the Fullerton bridge.

The helix bridge also has a gentle slope as you run towards the middle and may prove to be stamina sapping for those who are already near the end of their energy bar. Other than irritating tourists, there are no dangerous "kids on wheels" nor "dogs that bite" so it is a fantastic place to run if you do not like to dodge speeding objects. With a nice pair of sun glasses and expensive running attire, you can definitely look cool.... running along one of the most breathtaking cityscape in the world.
Location: Esplanade Jetty, NA Raffles Ave, Singapore


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