June 8, 2013

Bishan Park - Revisiting the "Most" Central Park in Singapore (3KM)

A very Big Sign just in case you didn't realize that it is a park
This week, we returned to bishan park, the running playground of big bone guy. To add to the prestige of this event, alcoholic came to join us!! He has been missing in action for the past few months because he claims that he can't wake up so early on a sat morning and is more of a night bird than morning bird. He dropped by this morning because the park is near enough to his home that he was able to just roll off his bed, and stroll over to the park. 

While the fitter runners went for the longer bishan-Ang mo kio route, I took the shorter route, thanks to a flu bug that was plaguing me for the week. Since I have covered Bishan Park in March last year, I will not dwell much on the quality of the flooring or the scenery around us. As usual, the McDonalds was packed to the brim, while the park itself has enough space for the HDB dwellers to catch a relief from their cramped apartments. 

The ever crowded McDonald@Bishan Park
Along the Perimeter of the Park
That's commendable effort for the marketing a mobile app
What's interesting for this run was the advertisement for a mobile app by NParks. It lists down all the parks in Singapore and some of their features and facilities, making it a useful companion to plan your next run, if you are looking for a new area to explore.


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