June 2, 2013

New Food Center at Gardens by the Bay

The New food center at Gardens by the Bay

We were back to our usual running spot at Marina Bay this week. With the Pocari Sweat run just 2 weeks away, the Unfit runners are gearing up their fitness to meet the rigorous of the upcoming race. The other reason is probably not to "lose face" as we pant and rant to the end point on the day of the race. 

I decided to try out a route I haven't done for a couple of weeks. Head off to barrage to Bay East and back again. As I run past, I noticed a newly opened section at Gardens by the Bay. They called it, Satay by the Bay. For some reason, there are not enough satay places to satisfy both our locals and the foreigners and they have to add one more, at the latest tourist attraction of Singapore.
See the Tray return counter?!?

I also read about the new and upcoming underground and underwater Marina Coastal Expressway which will replace the the current Eastcoast Parkway Expressway. The ECP will be downgraded to a normal road with traffic lights with lesser lanes. This make sense as the ECP is currently cutting through some of the most valuable real estate in Singapore. It also helps that Sidney Abelson is appealing for more space, so that he can increase the amount of Casino space at Marina Bay Sands. Looks like one of the best driving experience in Singapore is about to bite the dust soon. Running pass the Marina Barrage will give you an idea of the progress of the project.  
Marina expressway in works!

I need to find a way to get the Unfit runners to venture to further places like Changi or Sembawang. Maybe I need to cook them some cookies or something similar in nature.....


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