October 21, 2013

Berlin, Germany - Guest Appearance by Big Boned Guy (BBG)

The early morning view from our apartment
Everyday, I cursed my stupid decision to push my injured so hard during my run in Dusseldorf. The pain doesn't seem to go away and I spent my days hobbling along with the old people in Germany, thinking whether to buy a German made walking stick to go along with the appearances.

I had no choice but to abandon my runs in Europe, but the good news is, Big Boned Guy (BBG) persisted in our little running project and promised me to help take pictures along the way, which he doesn't normally do. Kudos to BBG!

The highlight of the run is the famous avenue Straße des 17. Jun between the Berlin Victory Column and the Brandenburg Gate . This avenue was the the focal point of the military parades held during WWI and WWII to showcase various military triumph during that era. Today, the avenue is used as one of the main gathering point  for Berliners to gather and celebrate various mega events, celebrations and parades. The 2km avenue is a delight to run on, with a combination of modern and historical buildings along a wide tree lined avenue.
Other significant monuments along this route is the Soviet War Memorial and the Reitchstag Building (The German Parliment).

Reichstag Building

Berlin Victory Column

Soviet War Memorial

Map of the Area

Brandenburg Gate


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