December 5, 2013

Stanchart Half-Marathon: Short Interruption to my Running Career

The last few weeks, have been quite a depressing affair for my running career. First, I injured my knee during one of my routine Sat run during the end of Sept. I thought resting for a 2 weeks before my Europe trip will give it time for my knee to recover. I tried a short run just before my Europe trip but my knee starting throbbing after 1km. Than I forced a run at Amsterdam doing about 2km. Knee hurts but not that bad. During the next run at Dusseldorf Germany, I forced an even further run of 5km. My knee gave way at 3km. I hobbled my way from Hamburg to Berlin to Paris for the rest of the trip, cursing at every European staircase that confronted me.

After I got back from my Europe trip at the end of Oct, I thought that a good one month rest should be enough for my knee to recovery for the Stanchart Half Marathon. A week before the race, I strapped on my shoes and tried to run. My knee started to throb after hitting the 1km mark. I started to feel pain after 1.5km. I have little choice but to abandon the Standchart Half Marathon.

This is depressing. I wonder when my knee will heal...

A few days after the Stanchart Half Marathon, I came upon this piece of news whereby an unknown Singaporean runner who won the local title for Stanchart, was disqualified. He ran for 6km, felt a pain in the knee, probably went somewhere to drink some coffee before walking back to the finish point and "accidently" clinched the first place. He also revealed that he cheated not only once, but thrice, just because he wanted the finisher T-shirt and the medal.

As a fellow runner who has knee injury and who had no choice but to give up the race, I was dismayed by the s**ty reasons he gave for cheating. Why in the world did he sign up for 42km in the first place when he knew that he had a knee injury. Did he want to boost to his friends that he overcome all odds and "completed" a marathon despite a knee injury? I wondered how many other dishonest runners cheated their way into completing a marathon. If there is one, there surely will be others who were not detected. I wonder if the organizers with all their tracking devices, will be able to give us an idea how many people cheated during the race. That will be interesting to know!

In any case, I got a consolation while collecting my Stanchart Singlet at Expo. It was like a carnival in there with many booths from major sports retailer giving nice discounts for their ware. I spotted the Vibram booth which shoes that I have been eying for a long time, and boy, the discount that they offered was really attractive. I couldn't resist, despite my knee injury and bought a pair of Vibram five fingers.
Vibram five fingers Bikila. Good for Flatfooters like me!

The normal retail price was at $185 and I bought it at $145!

Than my friend asked me while I was showing off my shoes to him.

"You know about the recent free shipping deal with Amazon? Did you check the price on Amazon? Maybe you can get it cheaper."

I went online and checked. It was $90 and with shipping charges, cost around $127. This is depressing....

In any case, I tried at least 5 pairs of Vibram before I bought it and this is running shoes we are buying! Not some electronic spare parts! My knee is at stake here!

So okie, I managed to justify the premium that I paid for my shoes in any case!

After some rest and some knee strengthening exercise, I will be back again!


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