March 2, 2014

The Battle With Graves' Disease Part VII: The Horrors of Medical Bills.

I have been grounded from any exercise or workout for a month since my last consultation visit to my specialist during February. I gazed at my Vibram Five-Toes longingly but orders are orders... I am not about to split my neck open while tripping over a rock while out jogging.

Meanwhile, my thyroid hormones are on the low side and my hormone dosage has just been increased by 25%. No wonder I am feeling chilly these days, while walking through the air-conditioned shopping malls of Singapore. I have to resort to carrying a windbreaker everywhere I go. Sigh.
Hormone Replace Pills

My medical bills from my recent surgery started to stream in. Although the big bomb comes from the recent surgery and hospital stay, I am also beginning to feel the bite of the smaller outpatient bills. A few hundreds here and there and before you know it, the bill just grows and grows.

Feeling curious on how much I spent on medical bill since the start of my saga (Hospitalization due to Thyroid Poisoning) in 2011, I dug out all my receipts and compile them into an excel spreadsheet.

The current tally is at: $13,124.41.

Hospital Bills Over the Years


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