March 13, 2014

Bedok Reservoir Night Run - First Post Surgery Run

Night at Bedok Reservoir. Doesn't look Hazy
It has been 2 months since my last run.

I have been wanting to stretch my legs for the past few days but lo and behold, the haze from Indonesia started their assault on Singapore. This evening, the air seems to be fresher without the usual burning smell. I decide to risk a run.

As I was heading out, my mum yelled at me, "The PSI is 84! Where are you going?!?"

"Mum, out for a run. No worries."

"The PSI is higher today than yesterday! Yesterday is only at 64!"

"But the air smells okie. Besides, I need to work out a bit!"

Without waiting for any more protest from my overly concern mother, I dashed out of the door.

Well, the air smells alright and the sky looks clear!

The track is brightly lighted these days
2 months since my last run.
Let's test a short 3km run.

By the end of 1km, I was breathing heavily.

By the end of 1.9km, I felt a small tinge of pain at my left knee again!

I decided to cut my exercise.

My lack of stamina can be easily explained by my lack of exercise over the past 4 months as a result of my thyroid surgery and my knee injury.

However, why is my knee still hurting!! I have rested like 2 months!

Oh My God! Should I go see a doctor again!!


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