March 18, 2014

Bedok Reservoir Night Run - Recovery Run 2

When it rains, it pours...

And it has been raining literally non stop for the past 2 days. Seems like heavens have been storing a lot of rain water over the last 2 months of drought in Singapore.

The rain finally let up this evening and I took the opportunity to go for a short run.

Since my last run 5 days ago, I was having quite a bad muscle ache at my calf muscles and the ache has mostly gone away today. A short 2km run and I am having such a terrible muscle ache. Looks like the road to recovery going to be a long one....

Reminding myself to take it slow, I decide to do a slow jog of 2km to build up my muscles again. I am also concern about the condition of my knee, which might act up again.

Miraculously, my knee doesn't hurt at the end of the 2km run. Good sign!

I saw a new installation where the old Berlin Wall used to be . Initially, I thought it was a piece of advertising for one of the many condominium projects that are sprouting all around the reservoir. On a close look, it is actually a form of marketing material for the new Eco project being implemented at the nearby Temasek Polytechnic. They even have shops and outlet marketing environmental friendly goods. I wondered if Temasek Poly paid the government any money to market their Eco Project at such a strategic spot. In any case, this is better than a piece of empty glass exhibit with only bugs trying to build a nest within it.

The nearby bistro Wawawa is having a pretty decent crowd, with diners digging in, while enjoying the evening breeze. This is definitely a good place to chill out in the evening, but not a good place to hunt for a drink after a run. Based on my last experience, it is either expensive booze, or expensive soft drinks and sparkling water. I don't blame them as they do need to pay for their rental.

 A slow walk back home and an intensive 15 mins of stretching marks the end of my quick run. I can feel the strain at my calf muscles already! Time to head back home and hydrate....

Oh boy. This going to take me some time to gain back my previous fitness....


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