March 30, 2014

Kuala Lumpur Mont Kiara, Malaysia - A Premier Condominium Belt

Garden International School @ Mont Kiara
As a travel addict, the last few months stuck in Singapore has been a torture! My chance to travel came again when I was invited to give a talk with the Wealth Insider Group at Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.

This time round, I decided to rent an apartment at the premier condominium belt Mont Kiara, as opposed to the glittering and crowded KLCC. I am told that running on the streets in KL is pretty dangerous and my chances of being mugged is quite high. Mont Kiara is one of the few safer places whereby residents can run in relative safety.

High end condo at Mont Kiara
Plaza Mont Kiara. Mixed residential commercial development
Strapping on my running shoes, I am prepared to stretch my limits and improve my running distance to more than 4km. I hope that my left knee will be able to tolerate that distance.

The pavement along this area portray a very curious trait.

The quality of the pavement is based on property development that the pavement is running along.

Meaning, the more prestigious the condo, the better the quality of the pavement. There is one stretch whereby the construction of an expensive condo project is taking place and there are literally potholes after potholes along that stretch of the road. It seems to me that the pavements are taken care of by private developers rather than a government agency. In fact, I observed a similar situation the last time I did a run around KLCC.

Another interesting phenomena that I notice is that one of the developer advertised that it has engaged a Feng Shui master to advise on the layout of the condominium development... I wonder if the developer is able to sell more projects thanks to the endorsement of one of the most famous Feng Shui master in the region.
Nice patterned pavement
Watch that pothole!

Feng Shui is part of the marketing draw
They have landed property scattered around the area
Crossing the road around that area has some potential risks for a runner. Simply put, there is no traffic lights for pedestrian crossing! The pedestrian essentially has to dash across a 4 lane carriageway with constant heavy traffic.

Robbie and Amy, my hosts during my stay at KL, mentioned that there is another running route, that involves trail running around the hilly area behind the residential area. However, I am not certain that my fitness level will be sufficient for such a challenge, so I declined their offer to show me the trail.

Next trip perhaps!

I terminated my run as the familiar throb on my left knee start to resurface. I was quite surprised that my knee lasted so long before my old injury started to plague me. In any case, I spotted some shop houses around the corner and breakfast was beckoning!

Commercial area across the street. Pubs, Jap
restaurants, spa. Everything you need is there!

Light breakfast!


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