April 15, 2014

The Istana - Nothing Much to See (4km)

Heaven must be hating early morning Saturday's joggers.

The last week we tried to run, it rained Cats and Dogs at 645am. That was when we had left our homes and were traveling towards the Istana, where the run was planned to take place.

We spent our morning munching on McDonald at Plaza Sing instead.

Cats & Dogs
This week, it rained in the middle of the run instead.

As usual, we were contemplating where to run for our usual Sat morning meetups. I was scrutinizing the map of Singapore and spotted a nice green area which we have not explored yet: The Istana.

Have you ever wondered how the surroundings of the Istana look like?

We started off at Plaza Sing and made our way up around the Istana. There is nothing much to look at actually. The whole of the Istana is surrounded by a 3 meters tall hedge with some expensive residential areas on the other side of the road.

There are certain stretches which we have to run across the road to continue on the other side, as the pavement abruptly stops, with a fence blocking your way.
Entrance of the Istana

Tall Hedges around the Istana
The pavement ends! It's raining heavily!
I ran back halfway
After a short 800 meters run, the rain started to fall. Than I received a phone call...

Lazy Girl, "Hello! It's raining heavily! We are seeking shelter along Orchard Road. Where are you guys? Don't see you!"

"What are you doing along Orchard Road? We are suppose to run around the Istana!"

"Oh. izzit? We will take a slow walk back. Where do we meet you?"

Seems like both the ladies decided to go for a shopping run down Orchard Road rather than the predetermined Istana route.

"I will head back and meet up with you!"

The skies started to open up in earnest and big fat rain drops were falling in increasing frequency and I was not about to risk catching a cold, by jogging in pouring rain. The "lost" ladies gave me a perfectly legitimate excuse to turn back. Meanwhile, the rest of the guys continued to run ahead.

We ended up chatting about life outside Starbucks while waiting for the guys to come back.

Eventually, the guys ended their run, drenched to the bone.

When asked about quality of the route, Big Bone Guy can only shake his head and grumble about the tall hedges and broken pavements. "Not Recommended" was his verdict.  

The full route. Courtesy of BBG.


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