July 6, 2014

10 Reasons Why You Should Vote For Us - Singapore Blog Awards 2014

Do you know how hard is it to get a 30+ year old Singaporean to go for a jog? They have to juggle between a 60 hours workweek, threats of retrenchments, a crushing mortgage, a couple of terrible twos/threes kids, in-laws, laundry and a consistently growing beer belly? The blog was created to inspire fellow busy Singaporeans to strap on their shoes and go for a run! To a marathon runner, 3km-5km may be considered a fun run, but for the majority of the Unfit Runners, clearing 5km is already a great achievement. So if you are still unsure if that is a good enough cause, here are 10 other reasons why you should vote for us! 

Reason 1: IPPT is coming and you hope that you can find a nice training spot near your area to jog 

source: memecrunch.com

Reason 2: You are overweight and running 1 km will literally kill you. You need some inspiration from a fellow "Big Boned Guy"

Source: memegenerator

Reason 3: You want to find out how to wriggle out of a workout session that you promise to go.

Source: icanhascheezburger.com

Reason 4: You want to find out where Handsome Hunks/Pretty Ladies run.

Source: ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com

Reason 5: You suffer from thyroid problems and want to find out what happened to an Unfit Runner with similar issues

Source: quickmeme.com

Reason 6: You want to find out the joys of exploring foreign countries via jogging.

Source: blog.theregularguynyc.com

Reason 7: You are a tourist and is interested to explore Singapore by foot.

Source: SGAG

Reason 8: You want to find out if drinking beer during a run will rehydrate you

Source: museshank.blogspot.com

Reason 9: You are bored of training on a gym treadmill

Source: imgflip.com

Reason 10: You just like our senseless humor

Source: SGAG

If you say YES to any of the 10 reasons, you should vote for us!

Here is how you can vote for SG Unfit Runner.

Step 1: Go to the Singapore Blog Awards site, click on Editors’ / Judges’ Choice

Step 2: You will need to have a facebook account and provide some personal particulars. Don't Worry, your data is protected by the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). (Don't ask me why I am so familiar. Sigh)

Step 3: Decide whether you want to participate in the Lucky Voters’ Contest

Step 4: Scroll down till you see the Best Topical Blog category

Step 5: Look for SG Unfit Runners and click on the VOTE.

And if you are lucky, you can fantastic prizes under the lucky voter program which at this point of time, still remains a secret. If the sponsors declare to be fantastic, than it must be fantastic... Right? 

I will like to take the chance to thank my friends who have voted for us and declared that their "Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, Rabbits and Chickens" will vote for us too. One friend even volunteered her dog to vote for me 4 times, "because he is so cute that he is entitled to 4 votes a day!"

Thank you all so much!


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