July 6, 2014

10 Top Running Pictures of SG Unfit Runners 2012

After getting into the Finals of Singapore Blog Awards 2014, I decided to look into some of my older posts and wipe the dust off them. While browsing through the pictures, I realized that I took many interesting pictures while jogging around Singapore. Riding on the popular trend of putting a "number" in front of my post and hoping that it will become popular, I present to you the "10 Top Running Pictures of SG Unfit Runners 2012"!!!

Now that I have put a number in front of the title, I hope that this post will go viral...

Here goes!

Number 10: You Smelly Turtle!

Singapore, being a clean and green city, where MRT vandals get canned and creative stickers on traffic lights will get you into trouble, finding graffiti is getting rare in Singapore. Imagine running along a smelly canal which is marketed as a river and you see a turtle drawn on top of a smiley water droplet, how can you not feel excited!?!

Picture from: Bedok PCN to East Coast Park ECP - Canal, Dogs, Hi Sister!

Number 9: The Garden Toilet

Singapore is well known as the "Garden City". There is a reason why... It is because our toilets are like a garden too. You can enjoy the scenery of a nicely landscaped garden while you do your business.  

Picture from: Singapore Botanical Gardens - A Runner's Labyrinth

Number 8: Clark Quay In The Morning

Before I embark on Project SG Unfit Runners, I have never stepped into Clark Quay during the day. Come on! What's the point of going to Clark Quay when you cannot enjoy the music, check out the beautiful ladies and laugh at drunk teenagers puking in the middle of the street? Clark Quay during the day is a totally different scene from that of the night. Beautiful and serene and no puddles of pukemines to watch out for.

Picture from: Clark Quay - A Morning Look at Singapore's Most Happening Water Hole

Number 7: Merry Go Run

One of the most torturous thing you can do to an Unfit Runner is to ask him/her to run up and down a slope. Whoever that design the Marina Barrage viewing gallery must be a sadist....Great View from the top though....

Picture from: Gardens By the Bay - Pocari Sweat Run

 Number 6: The Doraemon Army

I was hot, I was tired. The air was bad and there were so many people on the streets. Suddenly I saw an army of Doraemon at Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor. How could I resist not taking pictures with them! Snap snap snap. I felt a surge of strength within me, as if blessed by the robotic cat from the future. I continue to run for another 7 km. Thank you Doraemon!

Picture from: Hong Kong, Mong Kok, Victoria Harbour, Avenue of Stars, Hung Hom Ferry Pier - From Bustling Streets to Scenic Promenades

Number 5: Stairway to Heaven

It was a particularly gloomy night that day and the lighting was poor along the Bedok Park Connector (PCN). As I was about to run across the overhead bridge which cuts across Pan Island Expressway (PIE), I was struck by how the dimly lighted path looked like a path to the sky. Singapore Tourist Board should take note of this scenic overhead bridge where they can show off our impressive PIE to the tourists

Pictures from: Bedok PCN - Exploring, Fore Foot Running, PAIN! 

Number 4: Welcome to MGM Casino!

Everyone knows that Macau is the top tourist destination for gambling. Little do many know that Macau is actually a pretty good place to job. I had some of my best runs there. The run along the inter-island bridge is simply breathtaking... as long as you ignore the extremely narrow sidewalk and the zooming cars.

Picture from: Macau, Senado Sq to Cortai Strip - Glorious Sunrise Run at Asia's Sin City

Number 3: We are Singapore  

It was 5 days before National Day and we could see the Singapore flags everywhere. This picture would not be possible without a combination of National Day, clear blue sky, strong landward wind, homogeneously placed flags in a straight line and a sweaty tired jogger with a trigger happy iPhone 4. Calculate the odds and you will understand why this picture deserves to be Number 3!

Picture from: East Coast Parkway - It is As Good As It Can Get

Number 2: Golden Sun at Gold Coast


Ahhh. Australia's Gold Coast in June. The temperature is a nice 10 degrees in the early morning. The sun is just peeking out from the sea and the running path is probably one of the best I have ever seen. It is just one straight path. No traffic lights, no elevations, friendly joggers and beautiful coastline. Jogging paradise!

Pictures from: Australia Gold Coast - Surfers' Paradise

 Number 1: SG Unfit Runners

Why do this ordinary picture deserves the number 1 place? This picture shows the active life style of Singaporeans. It gives an insight on the impact of National Service and IPPT on Singaporean males. It illustrates how Singaporeans manage their runs, amidst the cramped living environment. It helps people understand how we strive to keep fit (and pass IPPT), even as we are getting older and fatter. This picture embodies the spirit of Singapore Unfit Runners. That's why this picture deserves the number 1 place.

Picture from: Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park - Park in Concrete Forest

This rounds up the top 10 running pictures from 2012. 2013 will be next but there other articles that I will need to post before I get to 2013. All the pictures are taken from the lousy iPhone 4 camera phone (Yes yes, Samsung has a better camera. Go on, Gloat!) and none of the photos are Photoshopped. If you feel any other pictures from 2012 deserves to be in the Top 10 spots, feel free to drop me a comment.


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