July 4, 2014

Finalist of Singapore Blog Awards 2014! - SG Unfit Runners Upcoming Epic Saturday Run!

PES E, "Hey guys! Guess what! SG Unfit Runners is the finalist for Singapore Blog Awards!"

Fang Tai, "Okie. So where are we running this week?" (Totally unexcited)

BBG, "No run for me since I am catching both the World Cup match for tonight" (Has a World Cup betting pool with his colleagues. Don't blame him)

Lazy Girl, "I won't run tomorrow. Just got vaccine and need to stay at home." (So old still need vaccine?! Going Africa?!?)

PES E, "Er. Okie. My knee is still hurting from last week run. I think I will skip this week also." (Author himself giving excuses of knee injury! Shameless!)

Thus the SG Unfit Runners decided to forgo their celebratory run and concentrate on drinking beer, watching World Xup and nursing an injured knee.


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