August 10, 2014

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Desa Park City: Clean & Green & Safe

Desa Park City: The Lake View
It has been one month since my running ban and allow some VIP treatment for my knee to recover. Do I miss running? Honestly YES. However, to prevent aggravating my injuries, I have decided to do some brisk walking in order to keep my morale up. I spend the week over at Malaysia Kuala Lumpur this week to prepare for the upcoming launch of my card game Wongamania. You can find more details here.

With more time on my side due to the week long working trip, I decided to check out where are some of the top running spots in KL. Other than the KLCC city park which I already explored the other time, Desa Park City is another highly recommended area to run by some of the running blogs. Desa Park City is a newly developed residential area North West from KLCC. At the heart of the development, there is a small lake and a whole range of commercial services ranging from banks to restaurant. So on this Sunday morning, I decided to take a cab to check out what is interesting about this highly acclaimed running spot. 
The main carpark of the Desa Park City

Just look at the quality of the track/pavement!
The rules of the park
They are still building new apartments
As soon as I got off my Taxi, I notice that there are already many joggers running along the pathway. Whenever I visit KL and tell the locals about my street jogging hobby, they often warn me about the dangers of running along the bandits/robbers/muggers infested streets of KL. They claimed that most people prefer to run in the safety of stadiums, parks or gyms. I hope that they are exaggerating.

In any case, the residents of Desa Park City seems to be a bunch of healthy lot. 3 generations of the family members, from the grandparents to toddlers, seem to be enjoying the 2.2km pavement that rings the lake, and many of them brought along their family dogs. There are so many cute dogs ambling around, that I have to resist the urge to stop my run/walk and pat one on the head.
Some of the condominium surrounding the park
Expensive terrace houses which I saw along the track. Seems like still
work in progress.

The playground is full of kids!
I hope the Hollywood lookalike sign did add some prestige and property
values to the area
One of the many activities to do at the lake:
Feeding the porpoises

Anti Dog popping facilities available.
One of the biggest plus point about this run, is that the pavement is smooth and unbroken. As I mentioned in my previous blog, KL has this issue with upkeeping the quality of their pedestrian pavements. I often encounter pot holes and uneven pavements that often keep a runner on their toes, to prevent themselves from tripping over a lose brick or two. I guess when you are developing a high end residential township, smooth pavement is a must! And the smooth and even pavement is such a strong attraction, that it is drawing runners from all over the city to perform their morning runs there. It speaks volume about the number of quality running spots in KL.

In any case, other than the very rare and smooth running route, I don't find the environment particularly interesting. Other than the cute dogs and a few tortoises swimming in the late, there is nothing much to see, unless you are a big fan of the architecture of the high end residence surrounding the entire park. On the bright side, you probably won't get mugged with a whole lot of other friendly joggers who wave and smile at you. This is one happy township to live in. I guess having money buy a home there helps to keep a person happy too!
The main commercial area beside the lake
They even have their own Coffee Bean! Chill!

Location: The Parkcity City Club, Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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