August 7, 2014

The Outpatient Bills of Post Thyroid Surgery

I just went to visit my surgeon again for a post operation check-up. Turns out that my thyroid hormone levels are on the low side again. I now have to consumer 100mg of thyroxine hormone pills from Monday to Thursday and 125 mg on Friday to Sunday. I hope that I do not confuse the medication again.

Oh, did I mention that I confused my medication and ate two 25mg tablets for 3 weeks before I realize my mistake during April? No wonder my hormone levels are so screw up. It doesn't help that I am losing hair much faster than usual thanks to the hormone imbalance. My fashion consultants are contemplating whether to advice me to shave off my hair or not...

Meanwhile, the hospital bill for this short 4 hours visit cost me $200.


And I cannot claim insurance this time round as it is out of the 3 months pre and post surgery outpatient claims as dictated by the insurance contract.

My latest bill for outpatient post op consultation and medication


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