October 31, 2015

Mulheim - Germany: Beautiful Parks and Breathtaking River Trails

Running date: 07/10/2015

It has been a crazy month for the month of October. I barely had any rest coming back from Japan and off I flew off again, for another 2 weeks intensive work trip to Germany at Spiel Essen, the world's largest toys and board game convention to show case Wongamania. Although we escaped from the choking haze, we were met with freezing 0 degrees mornings and a flu virus that attacked everybody during the trip. However, I managed to clock in one run during the earlier part of my trip before it has gotten too cold and us too sick to do any morning runs.

I will like to introduce to you Mulheim, a small city at the north-west of Germany, just north of the fashion capital Dusseldorf.

I will compare Mulheim to Tampines in Singapore, with most of the downtown area concentrated around the Mulheim railway station. A big mall with everything you need flanks the railway station and a small line of shops, eateries and historical buildings extending out to the South. To the North of the station are dominated mainly by a residential district with a significant Turkish population residing in the quieter part of the city.

Although Mulheim is not a very exciting city on it's own, its strategic location between Essen (key convention hub), Duisburg (largest inland port in Germany) and Dusseldorf (convention and fashion capital) makes it a perfect city for those looking to stay in a quiet and beautiful urban area, with all the important amenities available and a 15 minutes ride to the major cities around it. 

Is it a great place to run? Certainly! There is little vehicular traffic, plenty of well paved tracks along the river and into the parks and a decent Mcdonalds at the railway station if for some reason, miss junk food. And no, there is NO Starbucks around the area. Be happy with your McCafe will you!

We stayed at the quiet northern part of Mulheim
Running across the motor bridge across River Ruhr

One of the parks in Mulheim. Great place for dates!

Lot's of fat ducks!

Broadwalk along the River Ruhr
I will love to own a riverside apartment at Mulheim

Historical section of Downtown Mulheim


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