November 29, 2015

Geylang - Love Hotels and Narrow Walkways

Sorry for a lack of updates in the past few weeks. I have been busy with launching my Kickstarter project for Wongamania: Banana Economy that I barely have time to eat or sleep! My backlog is so huge that my runs from Japan has not been documented on the blog yet! I will get around it as soon as my life becomes less hectic!

Geylang River. Northern route

This Sunday, we headed to City Hall MRT, thinking to gate crash on the Jubilee Walk. Upon reaching Swiss Hotel, we realized that the Vertical Marathon is in full swing at the hotel. Figuring that our usual breakfast spots will be swamped with participants from both events, we decided to shift our running destination to the New Airport Road Food Center where the food is good and the crowd is thinner. We had tried the route south of Geylang River leading to Stadium and decided to try explore the northern side of the river.

The running route is pretty pleasant until it abruptly ended at the City Plaza. We have no choice but to turn back, running along the entire Geylang stretch.

The journey has been... interesting as you explore new breakfast spots, dodge pedestrians along the narrow pavement of the Geylang shop houses, and running across many small and major routes trying not to be run over by the perpetual heavy traffic along the area. We also ran into multiple Chinese tourists groups staying at the various hotels around the area and mixed ethical couples emerging from the hotel lobbies, looking contented, strolling towards the nearest breakfast spot.
The beginning of the Geylang Stretch near City Plaza
Narrow pavement with steps and people

I will not recommend this route for the average runner, but if you are interested to check out the eateries and watch lovey-dovey couples stroll out of love hotels, this may be one of the best running route in Singapore! 



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