July 20, 2016

Mizuno Ekiden Singapore 2016 - Great Goodies, Hot Run, Festive Village, Beer Galore!

SG Unfit Runner Team!

By Lazy Girl

Finally, I did it! Completing a half marathon (21.1km) run… but with the help of three friends. Yes, as you’ve most likely guessed it, it’s a relay race organized by Mizuno where each of us covers a distance of about 5+km. But no matter, it is still a half marathon (even if it’s only in name) and I’m very happy to have done with my friends.

It’s my first Ekiden race and it’s kind of a unique race where we need to run in a relay. Granted, I have my reservations about it at first seeing we need wait in turn to run and, worst still, holding back eating good food at the Matsuri Race Village until we did our part. But strangely, those did not bother me at all during the race as I’m having too much fun tracking where my friends are on the track, thanks to the tracking apps by Real Time Race Tracking  that the MizunoEkiden race uses, until I’m left with 5% phone battery at the end of the day. A word of advice, remember to bring power bank if you are joining next year.

Our half marathon race kicked-off at 4.30pm sharp and I meant it. Trust the Japanese for their punctuality. Our first runner, Big Boned Guy (BBG), tore through the first 1km and we actually got on to the leader board as the 6th in place!

Note from Editor: It was an misunderstanding as the display states S.Unfit which we thought that BBG trained till his pace is at a blistering 3min/km. Actually the honor goes to Singapore Shuffler Running (Unfit) team, a serious running group whom are totally fit...

Before I know it, FangTai was getting ready to go to the transition area for the change-over. BBG got back at our base camp (actually a table with few chairs) in about 30 minutes time and then it’s beer time (for him only. The rest of us yet to start)! Then another 20 minutes or so, I’m up. The holding  area which I’m at for the 3rd runner was surprisingly spacious and I could even to do some proper stretching as the majority of the runners were crowding the exit door of the holding area leading to the change-over location, anxiously looking out for their team mate to arrive for the change-over.

Unfortunately, as I'm vertically challenged, I had a hard time trying to stick my neck above the crowd looking out for my team mate. But thankfully, the organizers made up for it by shouting out the tag numbers of those who had arrived for the change-over. It’s kind of like reciting 4D numbers but only louder and at irregular time interval. I got my sash, instead of baton, loop around my body and off I went… into the setting sun.

Hot but beautiful evening for a run

With our medals combined
 The skyline of marina bay sands building against the setting sun reflecting off the calm waters was simply breath-taking. This is my favorite running route - around the bay, despite the little flaw of having to run up flight of stairs near the helix bridge. The scenery was a great help to distract me from the heat and after trudging around for about 40 minutes, I was back at the transition area and dumped the sweaty sash to PES E, our fourth runner. He got back before last light of the setting and sun and, happiness! We can have our photo moment with our medals! Great jobs, everyone!

I must stay the organizers did a fantastic job. Not only we’ve got tables to seat around, food and drinks (beer) to enjoy, but also games for kids (or the young at heart) such as fan painting, catching gold fishing, etc. All in all, it’s a small-scale carnival and it’s open to the public so that your not-the-running-type friends can also go. Of course, you also can dress up for the run as for an anime fair, but perhaps not as angels. Somebody already did that this year!

Till next time! 

$60 worth of coupons!

Exploding Kittens while waiting for the runners to come back

Beer after a run?!?!

Fang Tai's Hubby LuLu enjoying curry rice
Evening at the village. Great atmosphere!



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