July 26, 2016

Bocca Del Fuoco Run - A Night Run in Venice, Historical Glass Workshops and Red Wine!

The Island of Murano, Venice, Italy

When we were first contacted by the event organizer of the Bocca Del Fuocco run on helping them spread the world of their run, we were intrigued by the request from Italy. Even though SG Unfit Runners do go for random self-initiated runs in various parts of Europe, we have not covered Italy and Venice yet, with the bulk of our readers coming from Singapore. However, we were assured by the event organizer that our blog is well regarded among the international running media community and our courage to share with the world about our daily slice of running life has made our blog a personal favorite of the organizer.

Given that our egos were well stroked by the legendary Italian charisma, we succumbed to his request to help to share with fellow Singaporeans on the event.

Besides, we were intrigued by how the run is organized.

In Singapore, we have our share of thematic runs, such as Hello Kitty run, One Piece run and "Show your hairy chest" YOLO run. However, I have never seen a run that promises a run in the evening through the beautiful canals of Murano Venice, into a glass making factory and having a glass of red wine (Alcoholic approves this run) at the end of the run.     

The thought of doing a run in such an environment but is unable to participate is like waiting for Pokemon Go to be launched in Singapore.

Judging from the photos of the run from 2015, it seems like the runners spend much of their time walking carefully through the glass workshop and snapping pictures of the glass making in works, making this a leisurely cultural run great for families and unfit runners.

Perhaps our local running organization can consider a run through Jurong Shipyard or a Asia Pacific Brewery run (ending with Tiger Beer of course!) as a great way to showcase the industrial heart of Singapore.

The Booca Del Fuoco Run is a 5km run which will be held on 17th September. The organizer have been urging to drop by Italy but alas, the date coincides with the dates we our eastern europe trip which the SG Unfit Runners will be running through the cities of Munich (Oktoberfest!), Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic & Poland. We have our sights on Italy as one of the possible destination for next year though.

Meanwhile, enjoy this video of the Booca Del Fuoco Run which gives you an idea of the route and the kind of environment you will be running through.


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  1. I still can't get over this great place I recently visited! This isn't only a good place. It is also one of the best around here. There isn't a listing of the unique offerings, although there should be! The San Francisco event venues were magnificent!


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