August 1, 2016

Pocari Sweat Run 2016 - The Rise of the Demon Lord

It started with a bout of flu that put me unfit for the Pocari Sweat run. Probably that is the result of a combination work, stress and junk food that put me out of commission. It is also an omen of that is left unheeded by the Unfit Runners that the clouds of doom that will descent upon us during this Saturday evening.

While I sit out from the run, I took the time to walk around the run site for the first time without the need to rush to the starting point while squeezing past the crowd. I took some time at the drinking tent and perform our usual "drink as much Pocari Sweat" ritual while the guys queued up at the waiting pens, waiting to be unleashed once again, around  the familiar Marina Bay route. This innocent kiasu Singaporean ritual has a more sinister undertone than we have thought and will lead to consequences we come to regret later.

I wondered around the floating platform area and noting the amount of photographic props and assets for people to inhibit in their wanton lust in hubris and taking "V" for victory photos and posting them on their facebook and instagram. I also saw a bunch of runners with balloons tied to their back, probably ready to foolishly challenge the realm of the running gods, thinking that they can improve their running performance using balloons!

What blasphemy!

Note: The people with balloons are actually pacers who are helping runners. They should be thanked and not cursed :)

These people are just too happy and cheerful! Don't they see that they are inviting envy and jealously from people who are too unfit too run or put out of commission by a life threatening illness such as the flu bug!

Sickened by all the cheerful beamy and fit people around me, I slunk off to the toilets of Esplanade, unable to withstand the aura of fitness around me. Perhaps, I shouldn't have drank so much Pocari Sweat. Perhaps I am only making up excuses so that I can chill at the nearby toast box while waiting for the rest of the unfit runners to finish their runs.

"Perhaps, a devil might pay me a visit for all the sins I have committed." I muttered, "The flu and excessive use of Pocari Sweat may just be the beginning..."

I messaged on the whatsapp chat that I will be off to the Esplanade Toast Box and any runners who have finished and done with their yearly "Drink Pocari Sweat Until You Puke" ritual to come look for me after they are done.

Little do I expect that I will receive a visit from the very Demon Lord "Alcoholic" himself.

The great Demon Lord have not been seen in organized runs for the past 2 years. He did not even announce in the group chat that he is participating in the run. He simply just.. appeared... in front of me smelling of sweat, dirt and Pocari Sweat.

"Why... why are you here?!?" I shouted, "You should be at a coffee shop drinking Tiger Beer and Guinness Stout!"

"Well, I thought that it is nice to work out every now and than. Besides, there is all these Pocari Sweat that I get to drink."

"Go away you devil! Are you going to tempt us with Korean BBQ and fatty bacon for dinner?"

"I think I will prefer Japanese tonight. Ramen and Udon sounds good."

"Hmmm. Good idea! Let's go check out Marina Square later!"

And using a combination of curry rice, tempura and nabe, we manage to satisfy the hunger of Doggy Demon Lord "Lucifer" aka Alcoholic and preventing him from wrecking destruction on the world.

Running route of the 5km and 10km route, courtesy of Lazy Girl and Big Boned Guy.



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