August 18, 2016

SG Unfit Runners Pokemon Hunt: Botanical Gardens

Having a good share of Peking Ducks (Psyduck) and Sashimi (Magikarp) for our Pokemon Hunt at Marina Bay last week, we examined the Singapore map more unexplored places whereby rare Pokemon will pop up. We had two clues based on the articles we have read so far on where to find potential rare Pokemons:

1) Rare Pokemons are often found in Parks

2) Rare Pokemons are often found in places of high historical importance.

The place that immediately popped into our minds is the newly crowned and Singapore only UNESCO World Heritage site, Singapore Botanical Gardens.

We read that that is a huge number of Pokestops and Gyms within the garden compound which makes the probability of the appearance of a rare Pokemon ever more probable. Motivated by the chance to discover a new Pokemon paradise, we decided to switch from our usual weekly Marina Bay running routine to a part of Singapore where we haven't visited in months.

Ah, the beauty of Pokemon Go! Bringing you to explore new places.. again...
Gathering at the Botanical Gardens Mrt, we were greeted by a Gym guarded by a fierce looking Gyarados and caught a Voltorb while doing our stretching and warm up exercise. We are getting real excited here! Previously Voltorb also appeared in Changi village and ECP which both have a large variety of rare Pokemons. With our hopes high and poke balls lock and loaded, we charged into the sweet smelling garden and found...


And more Voltorbs....

There is a bunch of Psyducks and Magikarps found around the ponds within Botanical Garden and an occasional Squirtle. Other than that, it's just Voltorbs...

Come on! The Universal Studio Singapore boost a Pikachu nest and Botanical Gardens should deserve better! Singapore Tourism Board should write to Niantic to put an Omanyte nest in there!

On the other hand, Botanical Garden is full of Pokestops (50-100??) and 8 Pokegyms and one loop around the Botanical Garden is roughly around 5km. So if you are looking to replenish your Pokeballs and hatch some 5km eggs, Botanical Garden is an ideal place to check out on your journey towards a Pokemon Master!

Pokemons: Slowpoke, Rhyhorn, Magikarp, Psyduck, Nidoran, Clefairy
Prize catch: 12 Voltorbs

Quotable Quotes:
"Looking for Balls with a face? Head to the Botanical Gardens!" ~ PES E


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