August 23, 2016

SG Unfit Runners Pokemon Hunt: Pikachu Moves House

I went for my usual run at Bedok Reservoir tonight and as usual, I have my Pokeballs well stocked to catch a bunch of Staryu and Horsea and Magikarp. Other than a couple of Dratini which will occasionally grace my regular running spot, there is no rare Pokemon sightings to rave about in the area.

While running, I observed a sharp spike in the number of Scyther around the reservoir. In fact, there is so many of them that I did not bother to throw my Pokeballs at them after the 8th one... Has Bedok Reservoir suddenly became a Scyther nest? In that case, is that a country wide migration of Pokemon?

I recall that one of my friend is visiting the far fetch Changi Village to visit the well documented Pikachu nest over there and true to my suspicion, Pikachu has moved their house. My friend is apparently pretty upset over this and I will probably have to compensate her for her "pain and suffering".

A few more messages to some of my more avid Pokemon hunting friends who are living around the country has further comfirm my theory. The Pokemons have packed their bags and many of them have moved to other places.

This development makes things extremely interesting for the SG Unfit Runners as we travel around Singapore for our weekly Sunday runs. It also means that we can get to encounter vastly different Pokemon, when we travel back to the same spot a few weeks later for our run.

Meanwhile, we will have to go back to our previous hunting spots to check out if these areas are still spawning rare Pokemon.


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