September 6, 2016

SG Unfit Runners Pokemon Hunt: Pearl's Hill

The Pokemon Go Nest change resulted in many lost opportunities [Pikachu :( ] and created new ones. One of the most exciting change occurred on Pearl's Hill whereby a nest of Abra took up residence on a hill in the middle of China Town. With a only a few Abra in our collection, Big Boned Guy and me met for dinner at the nearby food center before venturing our climb up the hill.

This is probably one of the most unpleasant Pokemon hunt we have ever encountered.

Pearl's Hill key feature is perhaps... Steps. Many many flights of steps. On the evening we went, the place was devoid of any wind creating a hot, humid sauna like environment. To top that off, there are mosquitoes... and there was even before the Zika outbreak in Singapore.

However, all these were bearable if we just needed to perch on a bench and start swiping away. For some reason, the Abra spawns along the vertical side of the hill, forcing hunters to move up and down the narrow stairways. Lastly, Abra has a sadistic sense of humor with a very high flee rate. One-third of the Abra escaped our clutches despite using a deadly combination of Razzberries and Great Balls. In order to get a fully evolved Alakazam, we estimated that we will probably need to hang around for 4 hours. 1 hour into the hunt, we are already drenched in sweat in our office attire and attacked by countless mozzies.

Big Fat Guy decided to call it quits and we rush down the hill heading for the nearest drinking hole.

Besides, that lucky bastard already caught an Alakazam on his way home one day and he needed just a few Abra for his Kadabra.

As for me, I am just happy to get out of the mosquito attack zone.

Unless there is a Snorlax nest for the next nest change, I will probably avoid venturing up Pearl's Hill for any Pokemon hunt in the near future. The amount of stairs climbing is extremely bad for the wobbly knees of Unfit Runners.

Advice for other Pokemon Hunters: Bring lots of water and insect repellent. 


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